Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Yep, Grandma is here!  Yay for a visit.  We are so excited, and know she is super busy with her new home, but still took the long weekend to play with us.
 She arrived in time to see Owen's WuShu class, and was there as he got his first belt, for finishing his first class.
 He has worked so hard and has gotten so very much better, it is really impressive.
He also has been studying all about penguins and really loves the life-sized emperor penguin that he got to bring home.
 We had loads of fun all together. I got Grandma all to myself all day Friday.  We had a lovely day together, saw a fun puppet show, ran some errands and did fantastically.  We finished up with some homemade tortillas for tacos.  Yummy yummy.

Saturday, we started with a fantastic breakfast by Daddy.  Eggs Benedict  with asparagus, yum.  We split-up in the afternoon.  Grandma, Mom and I headed to the library which had a Fancy Nancy (one of my favorite books) tea party.  
 There was a teapot scavenger hunt, tea-cup decorating, story-time and a really lovely tea.
 I got my fanciest hair all up in bows and flowers,
 The tea treats were from Cupcake Jones, Two-tarts, and St Honore... they were exquisite (that's a fancy word for fancy!).

Owen and Daddy headed over for Joaquin's sixth birthday!  Happy birthday dear friend!  They had a great afternoon celebrating all together.  There was a fun game of basketball.
Our own scavenger hunt ALL around J's neighborhood.
Which was pretty awesome, I was particularly impressed by the little library and face pole.  There were also some impressive stunts.

 Later, we set-up for a great puppet show that Owen scripted.  My new aspiration is to become a zookeeper.  I had the role of feeding all the animals, mostly bananas, milk (for the dragon) and cabbage.

The scrip kept us mostly on track,  Owen may have a future as a playwright.

We were stars!  Grandma watched us so Mom and Dad could go out on a date.  They got to eat at LUCE, which made them very happy.  We got cheese pizza, a movie, and Grandma, which makes us very happy.  Today was a little more low-key, Church, Dim-sum and a food-coma induced quiet-time (naps for a few... not me though).  Mom and grandma tried to take me out for some fun in the afternoon, but we made it as far as coffee, which was nice, but I was at the end of my non-napped rope so we headed home.  Dying eggs at home was much more my speed. 
while we were gone, the boys blew out the eggs and we all dyed a bunch this evening.  We finished up with a great daddy-made-dinner of pork-chops and a yummy avocado, grapefruit, fennel salad (Sunset this month).  Owen ate it all up in short order.

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