Sunday, April 28, 2013


So, Dad and I had a pretty awesome Saturday.  We went for our first ever clamming trip out to Netarts, well first clamming trip ever period.

Why on earth have we not done this before?  1.  Beach, 2. Digging in sand, 3. Finding loads of cool critters, 4. Getting clams to squirt several feet in the air by jumping around (and only occasionally getting squirt in the mouth)  It is the perfect activity for me!

We came home with our limit in gapers, butters and even a bunch of Mussels!
 To back-up a bit, Mom and Grace had a great bike-ride Friday all the way into Woodstock, which makes it perhaps Grace's (and bunny's) longest ever!
 They celebrated with Icecream!  They picked me up at school, and dropped me off at a friend's house ... my first dinner playdate, and we had a great afternoon and pizza fun.  Grace softened the blow that I wouldn't be home to play with her with big apple smiles when they got home.
 Since it was, after all where the proceeds went to my school, we all met up again at Cloud City after dinner.  that is TWO for Grace and Mom.
 for a good cause, of course.   While Dad and I were out clamming, Mom and Grace had a pretty great day themselves.  They started with a trip to the market.
 It was a beautiful day, everything is spring green, the bands were fun, the snacks (bread) were the best.
 And they even had some time to run around the green space.
 and pick all the dandelions we could find.
 and jumping off crazy big walls!
 So brave.  G even got her face-painted with a cool Octopus.
 We all got home about the same time, and I got to show off the clam haul!
 Elsa and Christina also came out to enjoy the sunshine and the lawn.  I think E was very impressed with the clams.
 as well as how fingers work.
 We LOVE playing with E, she is our favorite baby!  Today was also pretty busy, first we had a tea party hosted by Grace and pink-ball.
 After church, we headed over to Lily Day Cafe, which was pretty great!  Totally recommend (very yummy fruit-bowl)
 Then we went right over to Pearl and Liam's house for a great afternoon hunting millipedes,
 hanging around,
 making volcanoes in the sandbox... all in all an awesome day.  We finished up this great weekend with an amazing mussel curry... those orange things there were the best mussels ever!
 Thanks for the great dinner Dad!

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