Sunday, April 07, 2013


This weekend blew by quickly! Did you ever wonder what to do with leftover Easter egg dye?  We had ours in jars and Mom just capped them when we were done last week.  We poured a bunch of baking soda in a tray, pulled out a dropper and had a blast for a lot of the morning watching the foamy colorful fun.  Esme came by after a bit, and we headed over to Owen's school.
It was his run for the Arts day and he ran 13 laps!  The most in his class and about 3.25 miles in 30 minutes! He was awesome!
We were there for cheering and to play on the play structure.  We are so proud of him and how well he did. He was a bit nervous since it was a new route, but it turned out to not be a problem at all!
We enjoyed the rest of our play date, had a nice walk around Woodstock, played at home a bit, had a great time together
And that's when Mom stopped taking pictures for the weekend!  Really we had a nice time.  We went to dinner to celebrate Val getting a job at PCC!  Yay Val!  Mom will certainly miss her at PSU, but it is a great move, and she will be fantastic!

Saturday was spent getting the yard and garden together a bit.  It was a really mellow nice day at home.  A good time to run some errands, chill out in the yard, at least until the rain started back up.  Today, we had another playdate with J and E, and again, some more time playing, crafting, cooking things up at home, somehow it slipped on by, but it really does feel like Spring!

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Hello Owen and Grace,

Is there a way I can get in contact with you? I want to contribute to your blog.