Sunday, May 19, 2013


 Fridays are special days with Mom (usually cleaning house and running errands) so I did my own hair for the occasion!

 It was science night at Owen's school and the reptile guy from OMSI came out with, well, loads of venomous reptiles that were brought out, you know, set on the gym floor, us with front-row seats.  I think that Mom was a little stressed and Dad even was worried when the king cobra was draped on the heads of a bunch of the kids.
 This weekend we also got to celebrate T's 6th birthday in the park!  It was hobbit themed, complete with shoot the arrow under Smaug's scale, dragon pinata, and classic park fun.

 Owen got his first mad-libs and has been writing funny stories all week.
 next to mud-pies, it has been a favorite way to enjoy the backyard this weekend.  He also had a much overdue playdate with Joaquin, with the business of spring and some illnesses that invade the weekends, it had been a long time.  We were so happy to see them.
 It is that time of year... Dozer days!  It was pretty awesome, I mean yes, it is indeed a sea of humanity, but really it is a ton of really thoughtful hands-on activities... not the least of which, is of course driving construction trucks!  Owen got right into the back-hoe, but I got nervous at the last moment and waved them off.

I preferred digging in the sand (we dug in a lot of sand-piles that were riddled with treasures and who doesn't love digging in sand!!??)  and crawling all over the tire stacks.  
 We stayed ALL-DAY, and right at the end of the afternoon, we got in one more line and patiently waited and voila... I got in the bull-dozer.  Actually after an emotionally uncertain afternoon, I really perked-up and got so excited to drive the "bull-hozer" and did a great job!
  I looked very serious for most of it, but was pretty excited when we were done.

Owen also had a go at-it and did some fancy driving around and shovel tricks.
 In spite of a long day in a quarry waiting in lines, we left in very good spirits so risked an early dinner out at Sen Yai which just opened.  Great cocktails, yummy noodles and a beautiful afternoon for dining outside!

  We followed up with some ice-cream (of course), and a bit of running about at home, bike riding, feeding the chickens Dad's grains from his beer brewing, and finally headed in for bed.

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