Sunday, May 05, 2013

Feels like summer!

It feels like summer when no day is really complete without a tour on the bike
 and when the pom pom bush in our yard is in full bloom, and it is nice enough to just lay outside on the grass, and eat icecream as often as possible (I just discovered chocolate PEANUTBUTTER!, so good with candies in it)
 We have had a celebration filled weekend... first Owen got to spend Friday eve with Pearl celebrating her birthday!  After a great dinner of (special request) meat-loaf we picked him up and even got to spend some time playing.  Saturday was also pretty fun-filled, mostly leading up to a double-header at the roller rink.  We celebrated Andy's birthday with some dino-themed fun!
 We all got to try out skating... some did a bit better than others, but I would say that as a group (Owen was the oldest) we need some work.  We definitely had a blast though!  We even got to intersect a bit with Pearl's party which was only off by about 30 minutes at the rink. I was having so much fun, going VERY SLOWLY around until I had a particularly dramatic fall and ended up dislocating my elbow.  After lots of fun and no nap, it pretty much ended the afternoon for us.  
 So, it took the folks long-enough to figure out what was wrong with me, and after not sleeping super well that night and still not using my arm in the morning, Mom took me over to the emergency room and it basically took less than 10 seconds for the Dr. to fix me up, and a fair bit longer for all of the paperwork.  Voila.  Turns out that I will have to be careful with it for a  while longer:  Owen and I were rough-housing later in the day and it happened again, but Mom tried first before heading BACK to the emergency room and with relatively little to-do, I was back in action, but have been being much more careful with it.
 Happy Cinqo de Mayo!  To celebrate we made tacos, margaritas for the adults and had our friends over to share with us!
 fantastico!  Plus it was great to actually get to chat with Linda, Andy and Alex, and spend a great afternoon with Vanessa, Dave and Liam!  It was verging on too hot, but not quite, really a great day outside.
 great for feeding chickens and catching bugs.
 Owen did a fair job showing Liam how to best catch bugs, I relaxed in the shade.
 There was a lot of nature gathering happening in our wee yard.  Alex fell in love with the giant pine-cone.
and we all finished up happy and full with a yummy flan.  

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