Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yellow Belt

 So, this week in Wushu, Mom and I both got our yellow belts!  We had to test for this one and then we got not only a new beautiful belt, the pride of accomplishment but also a broadsword!!  Seriously, a big metal sword.
 It was also book week at school!  For our class parade, I dressed up as my long-time favorite Worm!
 Speaking of parades... Grace finally finally got some flip-flops that she has had her heart set on for ages.  She has been wearing Dad's outside for months now, and talks about how much, now that it is summer, she would love some.
 She and Mom went out to find us some summer jammies and also came home with these beauties.  She has hardly taken them off since.
 Ahhh the farmer's market is back, We had a nice leisurely morning there picking up lichens, noshing on the beautiful fresh strawberries that are coming into season.
 Picked up some morels... I LOVE mushrooms, eating them, drawing them...
 While waiting for Dad to check on some stuff at work, we got to play around the new lupin field behind the office.

 It was turning from grey into a beautiful day!  We decided to take advantage of it and head on over to zoo.
 Grace's favorite remains the zookeepers, followed closely by watching baby Lilly.
 I spent a lot of extra time taking pictures of animals (and with a few as well) so that I could use them to draw when I got home!
 Poor lorikeets were actually pretty full today, but I did manage to have a few of them get some licks in.  Because we decided kinda late in the morning to visit, we had to park in the overflow lot, which meant SCHOOL BUS SHUTTLE!  And... to top it off, we all got our own seats in the very back.  So cool.
 We got home it was actually turning out to be a really lovely afternoon, so we spent much of it outside painting and playing.
 And making Orchette!  Though a little confusing at first, we all got the hand of it pretty quickly and everyone lent a hand to make some yummy little ear pastas!

 We enjoyed them with the clams, asparagus and morels we got at the farmer's market.... oh my this was such a tasty dinner!
 Plus we were extra lucky to get a nice evening (first in the past week or so) outside to enjoy it.
 My hula hooping has improved greatly!
Even Grace has some moves, her timing though needs some work.
 Mom is afraid of backsliding, more mornings, she is waking up to this snoozing gal, with Dad in her bed.
 Today... today we got to see Frog and Toad courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Steves!  It was pretty hilarious, loads of great songs, a really funny snail and everyone had a really lovely time!
 What a treat, and a special way to spend the afternoon together.  We had stellar seats, everyone was so helpful and nice, the musical was a crack-up.
This evening, we finally got to do a craft project that Mom has been promising for a while... felt mushrooms, I cut and sewed mine pretty much all myself!  My sewing is getting much better, though I still need to take breaks when trying a project of this magnitude.

It is with gratitude that we get to honor those who have given themselves to protect us this memorial day, and relief that we have one more day to relax at home.

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James said...

We are so jealous (but happy for you!) that you got to see Frog and Toad!! We have had the soundtrack for several years now, and know it by heart despite never having seen the play. Fingers crossed that Frog and Toad make it to Boston one day...

Love, James and Lilli