Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting out...

Even though it's summer, we are getting our fair share of summer sprinkles, but it is not keeping us inside, Grace and I are pretty immune.  On Friday, we managed to pick a big load of berries from around the neighborhood, and hung out in our bower under a bunch of shrubs.

SO, the folks are frantically trying to get in some home improvements (Painting, new floors, etc...) 
 before Summer School starts next week.  
 For me and Grace, home improvements means that we get to do all sorts of awesome things outside of the house.  On Saturday, while Dad was pulling out the carpet and hearth, Mom took us to Manzanita Beach...

which was awesome, Mom is thinking of it as our new go-to beach.  

 So... the weather was perfect, the sand was vast, the sky was blue, crowds were small.

 The water was ... not cold and full of amphipods for us to catch.
 Though I found the largest ones up in the wrack.
 The beach is huge, with a gentle slope that allow for plenty of running in the baby - waves.
 Grace I think, enjoyed being in the Ocean for the first time ever!  Really loved it.
 She actually came prepared and was the only one with her proper swimsuit.
 but I did just fine in my shorts.
 After several hours digging, building, catching, splashing, jumping we finally took a break for lunch!
The town is just right, a couple of nice looking eateries and nice small shops (though we couldn't find fish n chips, which was a major drawback for me and Grace, though the sandwiches at the bakery were pretty good).  


We even took turns drawing in the sunshine after lunch, while Mom explored the cute local shops and  galleries.  

We did make one more stop at the upper beach while we ate our yoghurt and Mom enjoyed her coffee.  
There were some great rocks for pretending 
 We may need some giant rocks in our yard, they are fantastic as boats,
 Stages, dance platforms, mountains, we could have stayed there all day.
 TODAY, while Mom painted the kitchen, Dad took us to OMSI to meet up with my buddy Aiden
 A. is my best friend from school, and since I've been off for a week, I have missed him and worried how we were going to work out play-dates until he called me yesterday, we had a nice long chat and worked things out for the adults!  
 All in all a pretty great weekend.  The folks made a lot of progress on the house and we had a great time.  Summer is looking good.  I am turning into a maniac for reading, seriously 1.5 hrs a day reading on my own.  We have to credit the library for having their summer reads program, it is very motivating, we get credit for every 30 min, and in a week I am up to 17 squares! I am working my way through Comet in Moominland, and the Superhero Storybook Collection.  Grace likes to read the superheroes with me, then goes off to play "Cinderella batman girl!"  who is really good at jumping up and down the steps in our backyard.

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