Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's berry time!

 This week, Dad has taken off for a big fishing trip, so Mom has been trying to keep us busy, but has mostly succeeded in wearing herself out!  Saturday, we headed out to Sauvie Island farms for some pretty great berries.
 Owen did a particularly amazing job, I think he picked more than Mom, especially since I was working pretty hard to pick from Mom's basket instead of the well loaded bushes.
 We spent a good morning until it started to get pretty hot.  We headed out once we were all puddles of sweat and grabbed some sandwiches and tots at Bunk.
 Where we worked hard on our winking.    That afternoon we had fun with sunprints!
 This is Owen's that he is calling"Owen's Garden"

and he helped me name mine "helping hands"
 they were pretty awesome to watch develop, and will make fun dishtowels!
 Today was hot again... like 85 and we were pretty pink-cheeked and toasty.  I had a rough morning with Mom, but once we all calmed down a bit, we biked down to the woodstock Farmer's Market for mushrooms and a lemonade.  We headed home and spent much of the rest of the afternoon hanging out in the yard.  Mom just introduced me to Mister Rodgers and I love him.  We cleaned up around the house, ran out for a few groceries and an ice-cream cone.
 The rest of the afternoon was spent noshing on watermelon in the yard.
 scooter seems to really be enjoying the sunshine and spends a ton of time outside.

We miss daddy and can't wait to see him tomorrow!!!

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