Sunday, June 09, 2013

little art

 Oh boy, this school year is winding down and we are winding up... our creative juices and our outside time.
 We watercolored some mini-wood-blocks together in the beautiful afternoon sunshine.
 I also took the family to our (YMCA) release party of my first publication... Monster City!
It was at an art gallery and featured some of my excellent monster art as well as stories and art from all of the kids at the Y!

It was a pretty cool party, there were treats, art to look at, and hula hooping

to the tunes of Olive Rootbeer and Dingo.

Otherwise, this weekend was pretty quiet for Grace and I, though Mom had a load of grading and Dad pulled out our gas area stove and put in a sky tube.  We had quite the hub-bub and chaos inside for a little bit, and I think it is really just a taster of what's coming.
 What that seemed to mean for Grace and I was lots of time outside, being goofy, playing with Scooter.
 Really the only way we get pictures both facing the same direction is if we get to do silly faces.
 Though we could be calmer just on our own.  I think Scooter preferred the calm.
 Mom just loves Peony season, the ones that Grandma and Grace picked out from the farm opened wide and stayed beautiful for days!

The house chaos chilled a little bit today, though the grading still needed to get done.  Dad took us to the park, and when we got home we juiced some spinich and made some awesome green pasta that we ate with our farmer's market mushrooms.  I chatted up the mushroom guy (one of my many obsessions right now), and learned how Oyster mushrooms grow on the side of trees, and that lots of animals find them as delicious as I do! 
 And with the sunshine out and the weather on the warmer side of perfect, we have been taking nightly "showers" whenever the folks feel like watering the garden.

Nothing like getting soaked along with the vegetables.....

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