Sunday, June 02, 2013

New dos...

It has been a fun weekend!  First-off Grandma Terri came for a few days!  She chased this rainbow in.
 She came and took such great care of us.  She brought me a beautiful dress she made me and I love it!
 I got to hang out with her while everyone else went to work and school, so we went to see the Alphabeticians and made a super great lady-bug cake!
 Mom joined us on Friday and we headed out to the Peony farm.  It was a beautiful afternoon and the flowers were amazing!  Grandma ordered a Shawnee Chief for us to grow
 and we had a great time exploring all of the amazing giant flowers!
 It took me a while to wake-up and appreciate all of the blooms
 but then suddenly, I was on fire and ran all around soaking it all in.
 That evening Grandma, Owen and I had a movie night while Mom and Dad watched a movie of their own and kicked off some home renovations they are planning for this summer.
 Saturday was big... I got my first haircut ever!  I know, I am 3.5 and never cut my hair, but until recently I was really loving the long hair.  However, Mom and I were talking about donating our long long hair (well, long for us) and when we thought about taking Owen in to get his haircut, I jumped on board and said... Me too!

Owen graciously went first so I could watch Sam work.  Then it was my turn.  Don't let the serious face fool you, I was actually pretty ready to go.
 Sam was great and totally talked me through it.  I was so patient and sat relatively still and did a really awesome job for my first haircut!
 Owen was also patient and caught up on his reading while patiently waiting for me... reading up on mullets, seriously.
 I got a cute bob in the end and really love it!
 Thanks Sam, I love my new hairdo!  Before

and after!!!
 It was great!  I even inspired Mom to get her haircut as well so we could both donate our locks and have a great summer hair!
Grandma and Owen were super patient with spending the whole morning at Rudy's.  We did some shopping and took Grandma to the airport!  Today we kicked off our summer with some play time with our pals
 A great lunch made by LiFong, before heading out to Kruger's for strawberries!
Yep, it's berry picking season!  It was actually a lovely day to be berry picking

 The plants were full of really delicious berries

and it was simply a really nice afternoon to be outdoors.
Hanging out with great friends.
 We got two nice flats before heading out.
 enjoying an afternoon and snacks.
 and running wild.
 and playing at super heroes before heading home for some major jamming!
 What a super wonderful weekend!

and Thank you for the super wonderful visit Grandma!!!!


James said...

We love all your new hairdos! Grace may have inspired Lilli to go for a short look (although Mom is dedicated to growing hers longer at the moment!).
Love, James and Lilli

Emily said...

Cute haircuts! =)