Monday, July 08, 2013


So it has turned into a busy summer for now!  At home, we have taken out all the floors in the livingroom and kitchen, and have been walking around carefully on paper for a week or so.  Paint is going up slowly around the house... I bet you thought we would never get to home improvements!  The Garden is going as well...
 Our first great batch of good-sized garlic came out.  Our peas have been doing poorly, in no small part because Scooter has taken to sampling them heavily.  This week instead of Y camp (which has been awesome) Joaquin and I went to Tracker's wilderness survival camp.  Woah.  seriously Woah.... Day 1:  learn to make a fire (by matches that we got to strike all by ourselves AND by bow, which makes a little ember).  Day 2:  Carve a rabbit hunting stick with a big knife.  Learn to throw the stick so the pointy end impails a rabbit (theoretically).Day 3:  Fishing and stealth Day 4:  Build a mud shelter, shoot a bow and arrow, learn to shoot at other kids (Foam arrows... our team totally won!),  cover body in ash and mud for stealth.  The grown-ups weren't sure if we were training for hunger games or the seals or what... but we had a blast, it was so cool.  ALSO... Happy Independence Day!  We celebrated the 4th with Joaquin and crew. Grace introduced them to the slip-n-slide
 which was pretty awesome.  Dad even got in on it.  His first go was perfection, the second was a little rougher.
 Grace and Joaquin did perfect their slides.
 It was a perfect day for a picnic and outside fun, not too hat, just a lovely day together.

 Most excitedly we finished up with a great dance party (with Esme and Grace in matching dresses).

 Grace had the grooviest moves, Esme was most innovative and me and Joaquin were perhaps the biggest hams.

 Later that night, after Grace and I went to bed, the folks got me back up to watch some fireworks from our back-yard.... so awesome... AND got me some sparklers so I could put on my own show...
 The next day we were in for a treat... since when I got home from Trackers GRANDMA arrived!
 After dinner and scrubbing the mud and ash off of me, We celebrated with a rootbeer float.  Mmmmmm I so love these.  Grandma actually showed up to accompany us on our long drive down to Fresno where we will be taking swim lessons and spending as much time in various pools as possible.
 We left Daddy at home to lay out our new floors and finish painting (and go fiishing, and co-teach a class with Mom who has left it in his capable hands).  Our long drive was pretty uneventful thankfully.  We did great, I think the adults were antsy towards the end but everyone made-it!
 We were so happy to arrive and check out their new house which is just lovely.  Grace and I love it because there is lots of room to run around (and around and around).  AND Grace had some princess gear waiting for which she LOVES and we both had a load of great books to dig into.
 Sunday we headed right out to see one of the most special ladies in the world... Great-Grandma Mary!!!
 It was fun to play with her and to go out to lunch with her, Uncle Steve, and Marie!

Grace and I worked hard collecting Great-Grandma's backyard snails, looking for lizards and playing blocks inside.  After a nice afternoon in Tulare, we headed back to enjoy a great dinner made by Grandpa 
 and to get scrubbed-up.  Grandma was pretty stunned that we could shed so much dirt into her pretty huge tub.

Can't wait to start swim lessons tomorrow!  So exciting!  Good luck with the floors and with teaching Daddy!  You'll do great!

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