Sunday, July 14, 2013


 Grandma has had us working hard on learning the "Grand Ol' Flag" which means I have become very very good at spotting our Grand Ol' Flag wherever we go.  In fact, Owen and I made a cake to bring to Auntie Becky's house for a fun pool party and get-together before we headed to the coast this weekend.
 In addition to some great pool time, Noah and I had fun with wagon rides courtesy of Nolan and Owen
 They were very powerful!  Plus Mom had a great time spending the evening with her friends.
 Nolan and Owen got nice and sweaty.
 But we were able to cool off with these awesome ice-cream cupcakes that Auntie Su made.
 And then we were off!  After a really fantastic swim-lesson on Thursday, where Owen got to move to the lap pool and may even get to move to a more advanced instructor, and I got to jump off the diving board a lot and worked on turning over to get a breath... we headed out to Asilomar on the coast.

It was a fantastic family reunion with most of the family and all of the great-grand kids!

It was such a wonderful opportunity to play with all of my cousins, Aunties, Uncles, Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandma too!!!

We had so much fun together, playing hide-n-seek in Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom's gigantic cottage that also specialized in movies, fireplaces, and SMORES!

 Uncle Derek and I bonded over lots of tickles and smiles, 

We did it all... a great day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  Exploring the sea was followed by a great family dinner at the cottage.



There was a load of yummy lamb and chicken, margaritas, a really tasty broccoli salad, the works. 
Most importantly Aunties Adrianne and Maryann announced their marriage.



Congratulations you guys, we are so happy to celebrate with you!!  

We rounded up the celebration with some really yummy cakes and, of course, smores... which is how we finished every evening at Asilomar!
   We ended a fairly epic day with a trip to dig at the beach, and have a great movie night with the grandparents while the folks headed out to the wharf to make sure they grabbed some chowder in a bread bowl before leaving Monterey.  What a treat to spend so much wonderful, treasured family time together.  All of us kids got along fantastically and loved this weekend full of playing, running, digging, laughing, climbing playing all together is such a wonderful treat.

 The next day, we had a nice hike around Pt. Lobos out to bird rock and all around the beautiful dunes.  It was a great afternoon.

 When we came home, we headed out to the pool to play in the sunshine.

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