Sunday, July 28, 2013

sunny days

I looove playing with Mom's shoes, and really her fancy shoes get a lot more wear by me than they do by her.  These are Mom's wedding shoes, pretty eh?  
 The best part of new appliances is that we got new boxes to play-in.  They are the best!  Owen and I each have set up our rooms and can spend ages in there.  We spend  afternoons visiting each other,  reading together (and getting along)  and sneaking out for little cups of blueberries.
 The garden is booming with squash now and tomatoes are around the corner.  Pretty exciting, now if someone has fantastic things to do with stack and stacks of zucchini, let me know!  We had a lovely Saturday... after spending the morning picking up new baseboards then we headed to the pool for a great afternoon swimming with Joaquin, Esme and Val.  Since I could touch in the entire pool, I had a hard time trying out my swimming skills, I think next time we need to just head strait for the deep pool.  Owen did well though and has hopes of testing for the lap pool next time he goes.  We finished up the day with a fantastic pizza dinner at Val's house.  All in all a pretty awesome afternoon with good friends.
 We celebrated Alice's birthday today too!  It was a beautiful party
 and a great afternoon playing with friends
 and of course cupcakes!!!

 Our sweet neighbor Pam is moving... we will certainly miss her!  She had a pretty fantastic party tonight and we had a blast collecting berries and making sure everyone in the party.  

 Thank you Pam for lovely evenings on your porch swing, art lessons, and the sweet attnetion and kind words you have for us!

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