Thursday, July 11, 2013

Swimming... a load!

Grace's first time jumping in the pool during lessons.  
 Swim lessons at Jan Thomas are AWESOME!!!!  We are learning so much so fast.
So, Owen has been taking lessons for years, and though he initially progressed pretty quickly, he was sort of stuck for a while... so we took a break.  In fact we took so much of a Break that we never took G. to lessons until this summer, and woefully not much to the pool either.  
Four days of 30 min swim lessons and my girl is JUMPING off the diving board and turning and swimming with her face in the water and her legs kicking back to the wall all by herself.  Not only that but on Thursday, she was turning over on her back to breathe and float!  SO MUCH more swim safety in so little time.  Makes me cry.  We have also been playing in our friends pool (THANK YOU VANS AND SMITHS!!) every afternoon until we are exhausted.  "I really love swimming" Grace has taken up reporting, that and explaining with enthusiasm to everyone that she puts her whole body in the water.
Owen also has made HUGE strides.  So he went from comfortably sinking and only comfortable staying where he could touch to... moving lessons to the lap pool and switching to a "more advanced" teacher (though he loves Nick) to work on his strokes.  When we play in our friends pool, he is now jumping off the diving board... into the deep end, fetching all the toys off the bottom of the pool, and really swimming quite comfortably and well all over... constantly.  He is working on rolling over to breathe too (instead of bobbing his head up), and has learned the elementary backstroke (monkey - airplane - soldier), front crawl and back crawl.

They are really great.  I am so proud of them and LOVE watching them play in the pool!

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