Sunday, August 04, 2013

No photos... (update... a few photos)

We lost our camera charger during our trip to California a couple weeks ago and our camera battery died.  Last week we used our old camera which is the one Dad takes fishing.  This week Mom went to Boston with the backup and our new charger hadn't arrived yet so we don't have any pictures to share.

Like I already mentioned, Mom went to Boston this week.  She went with Grandma Terri to attend a wedding.   We didn't get to go on that trip and stayed home with Dad.

On Friday Dad picked us up from school and we went out for Pizza.  When we got home we watched a movie and had popcorn.

Saturday started off a bit rough because Dad made us help him clean the garage.  It was particularly messy because we've done some remodeling and the garage has been were we stroke all of our stuff for that.  Anyway, we managed to get done around lunch time and then we biked over to Otto's for hot dogs.  We also stopped at the library while we were out and picked up a few books.  When we got home Dad made a salad to take over to Liam and Pearl's house.  Liam was having a birthday party!  Too bad we didn't have the camera at the birthday party.  There were a lot of kids.  We had balloons to play with and best of all, Liam had a piñata.  The piñata was large colorful and looked kind of like a star.   Liam's dad Mike, hung the piñata up on a high tree branch and all the kids got to take a swing at it with a stick.  Eventually one of the bigger kids hit the piñata so hard that it broke open and all sorts. Of candy and little toys fell out.  Afterwards, I put the piñata on like a suit of armor and ran around in my new costume.   I thought it was pretty funny until all the other little kids started chasing me.   I think they thought I had more candy in me.  We went home afterwards full of candy and cake but tired enough to go to bed without much trouble.

This morning, Sunday morning, we went to church and then straight to the airport to pick up Mom.  It wa so good to see her again.  The airport is really close to the IKEA and we stopped there on the way home.  normally Mom and Dad buy a lot of large stuff there, but this time they just bought a couple small floor mats and a little wall clock so that I could practice telling time.

That was about it.  I hope you were able to use your imagination this week, particularly the part about me wearing the piñata.  The new camera charger should be here for next week and we will be back to taking lots of photos for you.
(update... okay, we do have a few pics from last week but it is all Mom and Grandma and Bethie & Eddie's wedding...)
They ate lots of lobster!  Probably more lobster in four days than Mom has had in the past decade (or more).  It was yummy.  

Duck tour!  

Grandma all ready for the wedding.

 Bethie and Eddie get hitched.  It was a beautiful rooftop wedding with perfect weather, views of Boston, yummy food and drinks and best of all great company.
 Mom has known the Mochizukis for ... for a long time (30+ years) and it was so nice to get to know the extended family and Eddie's family too.

Boston was a great get-away.  Mom got to not only celebrate a beautiful union, but also visited Matt, Cascade, Jarrett and Lila-Rose!  She was feeling pretty lucky to be able to spend quality time with Grandma Terri (eating WAAAY too much really great food, visiting museums, exploring the city), visit with friends who changed coasts, and celebrating the wedding of a childhood friend.

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