Sunday, August 11, 2013

The craziest thing this year....

The weekend started out fairly mild.  Mom and I went out for an early breakfast at Broder, with Scandinavian treats for breakfast.  
while Owen and Daddy went fishing in Sauvie Island (caught an odd assortment of Starry Flounder, bullhead catfish, and perch)
Owen has grown up so quickly, we have to get the stache under control.
 We spent some of the rest of our days together painting and enjoying the sunshine while it was out.  Scooter still loves hanging around me when we paint.
 Our boxes are still getting put to good use.  Owen and I have been perfecting our sales patter and have a thriving business in veggies, ice-cream and cupcakes.  If the tea is on then you can have a cuppa too.  
 But even having a business in the home is not the craziest thing ever.  We spent Sat afternoon wandering around the Alberta Street Fair when our ears caught the tunes of the Starwars Imperial march so we headed over to see.... Yep, the unipiper of Youtube fame!  Yep, that's Brian (not Dad), in a utility kilt, on a unicycle, playing the bagpipes WITH a DarthVader Mask on.  He's actually the main squeeze of Mom's TA!
 Owen was completely fascinated.
 AAAAnd this happened!  What do you think?  Christmas Card?
 We finished up with Shave Ice and though that was a pretty great treat, the Unipiper really made our day.
 Today was more mellow, but included a much needed play-date with the Val, Esme and Joaquin.

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