Sunday, August 18, 2013

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Steves!

It is a wonderful summery week for us!  I finished up my fun at Y camp until school starts back up and got to spend some great time with Grandma and Grandpa Steves who are out from NY for a visit.  
 We have walked them silly so far, including a pretty lovely hike around Reed Canyon.

Yesterday was our 4th annual block party!  We love it... they close down the street, there area all sorts of activities and food to enjoy all afternoon! 
 The grown-ups get to chill in the shade
 while we kids get to ride our bikes, hula hoop, play corn-hole
 ride wagons, paint rocks, pretty much incessently
 It was a lovely day playing with a ton of neighbors that we see too infrequently.
 and a good reminder to get out an play more!

 There were only a few bumps and bruises for the day... it was shut down as things were getting quite dark when Owen crashed dramatically on his bike.  It looked pretty bad at first, but was in part the result of a looong day of playing hard, and he was fine this morning... pshew!  We had a great dim-sum brunch followed by an impressive effort to get the car back into the garage.  After a lot of hard worked!  Thank you for the help Grandpa and Grandma!  We really appreciate it!

even if it was a bit tiring.  Luckily we had ice-cream to look forward to and enjoy.

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