Sunday, August 25, 2013

visits and drizzle

So.... we had a fun week hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Steves!  There were lots of basket ball games
 Though we realized that with our mad basketball skills... "CAT' is a better game for us than "HORSE", maybe even "IT" or something short.  Doesn't stop us though.  Owen even totally crashed and skinned his knee and between tears and sobs cried "I Can't stop playing basketball!!"
We also learned all sorts of fun new games.  Grandpa worked with Owen on his solitaire, he was getting pretty good by the end of the week.
 Grandma showed me how to make peanutbutter finger sandwiches... I LOVED them and relished smelling like peanutbutter afterwards.
 We made it out to the zoo for a nice afternoon.  Did you know they have a goat named Grace too?
 We, of course saw my favorite ... Lilly the baby elephant and playing with the statues.
 We also saw a bunch of beautiful giraffes
 which Grandma was pretty excited about (us too!)
 We fed a few lorikeets on the way out.
 We took a lot of walks with the Grandfolks, including a few stops to look at antiques (or catch up on our readings)
 and scavange pretty things along the way (to fill up Grandpa's pockets)
 Tried out some awesome bubble recipes.  These were pretty great, but corn syrup made them sticky (we didn't care, Mom had to roll her eyes though)
but pretty awesome bubbles make it worth-it

 We did a lot of cooking with Grandma and Grandpa... we made tortillas for tacos, and rolled our own sushi together.  This was Grandma's first roll... looks wonderful!

 Thank you for a really lovely visit, you made our summer complete! We miss you already.
 But Owen and I have  kept up playing war for hours!
 In spite of a beautiful sunny week, when we hit the road on our bikes today for the parkways (where they close a load of streets for bikers only!) it was rainy and just a hint of chill in the air.  We got pretty wet, but had an awesome afternoon.  After riding to Esme and Joaquin's house we headed over to Laurelhurst together and got to enjoy all sorts of fun
 especially the stilts,
 tight-rope by Owen and Joaquin (they did great!)
balance pole
 horse back riding
 and GIANT hula hooping.  Owen and Joaquin did remarkabley well.  Owen even managed a HUGE hula hoop really well.  Esme and I worked on our spinning plates.
 I think we're ready for the circus... right?

 We all devowered some HUGE corn cobs before heading back for a nice afternoon of playing at their house.

What a fun afternoon... thanks guys for sharing it with us (and taking great care of us at your place!)

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