Sunday, September 08, 2013

First week of Second Grade for Owen

Ooo, getting a new start on a new school year!  

This Wednesday was Owen's first day of Second Grade. He wore his summer reading shirt that he earned from the library.  He's really proud of that shirt becuase he earned it in just a couple weeks (rather than the whole summer).

But I'm getting ahead of myself.   On Tuesday Owen and our buddy Joaquin spent the afternoon at The Lumberyard!  They had a blast and even braved a few new ramps.

This place is pretty big and they did a bunch of different runs with all sorts of ramps, curves, and drops..

 They worked up quite a sweat and had to stop for a nice cold lemonade and pizza.
 Esme and Val picked me up early from school and we got to spend the rest of the afternoon playing and having a back to school celebration in honor of the boys first day.
Happy Second - Grade Owen!
 He was pretty thrilled to see all of his buddies
 and got a primo seat right in front of the teacher's desk.   After Owen completed his first few days of school, we celebrated with an ice-cream cone (of course)!
 It is always a good way to wrap things up..
 This weekend we celebrated Alex's birthday!  It was so nice to hang out with everyone and help Alex celebrate!.
 After several very rainy and grey days we had a fantastic sunny day to play in the yard.
 Owen spent a lot of the rest of the afternoon drawing on the deck, man the sunshine is wonderful.
 We have also been noshing regularly on our great tomato harvest... they are all small but very tasty... here's an indigo rose... pink on the inside!  Honestly, I'm still a little put off by tomatoes but Owen can't get enough of them.
 We otherwise had a pretty quiet weekend otherwise, mostly fussing around the house and yard.
 but we had to wrap up a day of yard work we branched out and went to Salt and Straw... they have more creative flavors... Mom and Dad went through a sampler that included baked potato, Hawaiian PBnJ, Coconut milk cashew, and Sweet corn and caramel.  Owen and I were not so impressed, but their chocolate brownie was pretty great!
 We did manage a few potatoes this year, they are lovely but not terribly numerous.
 but we did manage to make some mozzerella this afternoon and enjoyed them with some beautiful tomatoes that someone from church brought in.  Dinner was pure summertime.
 including wadded up breadballs, special eh?
Scooter thinks so.

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