Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's raining, it's pouring....

So, fall, yep definitely rainy grey fall, except the leaves have hardly turned yet, just a twinge here and there, but there has (and will) been several days of pretty solid rain.  It kinda keeps us cosying up around the house.  Mom did make it out for a few excursions Fri and Sat.  While we were having a movie night, Mom went to welcome baby girl boyd to the world for us!  
 Baby and Mom were looking great and we understand that the guys are all pretty thrilled to have a little girl joining their family.
 I did do some painting this week too.  Mom finally replaced her old (sticky, mixed-up set of) watercolors with some new ones for just me.  I made some lovely postcards!
On Saturday, there was a dedication of a public art project that mom and some of her students were involved in (along with hundreds of others).  Here's Mom's western flycatcher that she made from clay,
 the wall is stunning, and such an asset to the park and a testament to how powerful community and art can be.  Marquam Nature Park is a special natural area that is within walking distance to the PSU and OHSU campuses, it is so valuable to the community that seeing the huge turnout on a really rainy day for the dedication was very moving.
 To celebrate their 11th anniversary Mom and Dad took us all out to a really yummy dinner at Yataimuro Maru where they sampled all manner of japanese cuisine... ramen, sushi, grilled skewers, calamari, something for everyone!
 It was a really nice dinner all together.  We even obliged by being pretty great about trying everything and keeping our manners together.
 So, as I mentioned it was pouring pretty much all day, luckily my new ORANGE rain boots just arrived so I could put them to the test.
 Today was relatively quiet, a nice morning at church.  We lucked out and managed to get Esme to come over in the afternoon for a much needed play-date... Grace really was happy to have someone to horse around with other than me.
 While the gals were out adventuring, I helped Daddy make a new batch of beer.  I even wrote up a recipe and made a mini beer of my own, we'll see how they turn out.
 Esme and Grace had a blast, snacked,
 and snacked.....
 and finally they found the beads and got busy making beautiful necklaces, it took a lot of focus and concentration for some four-year olds.  I took a turn and made a really great one for Daddy.

(As typed by me, usually I let Mom go at it, but she is really hoping to turn the reins over one day... today I gave it my first shot )  " this is grace  she is 4 years old. This is grace  she  just made a necklace with owen.She thought it was perfect."

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