Sunday, September 15, 2013


Okay... first full week of school... success!  I was moved from my primo space in front of the teacher's desk in her effort to arrange everyone into fantastic groups, but I am having a great time being back with my friends and back in wushu and the Y.  Homework didn't quite start this week, but next week we are getting going full steam.
 Mom thought that she had been dragging Grace on a lot of errands during their days together, so she took Friday afternoon for some fun.
 First, Grace had to do her own hair and use most of her clips.
 then they went for a date out to OMSI!  They had a blast playing with all of the cool chemistry and physics experiments!

 and with matching pink safety goggles.
 Saturday we partied hard.  Grace went to a birthday party at the Children's museum, in which she was relatively sedate.  Then came home to Dad's 3rd annual hop picking party (or his huck-finn party as Mom thinks of it).
 Where friends in beer sit around and enjoy beer
 before getting their gloves on and

Pulling Hops!  It was a great afternoon, the weather was perfect and we got to play with our friends all afternoon!  Loved-it and Dad sure appreciates the many hands that make light work of the Hops.

 Today we headed to Maker fair near OMSI and had a cool time with a ton of fun activities, WE were there for almost five hours and still had a ton of things to do.  We tried to start fires, spun some cool yarn,
 It was beautiful!
 There was an awesome samuari hat station, where they interviewed you to help design your helmet to fit your personality.
 They were pretty fun and awesome!
 Grace marbled some papers
 We raced lego cars
 Tested out the future world record holding near-space glider
 Hung out with some robots (that's R2 in the back, without his head so you could see all of the cool robotics inside.
 I made a tin-can octopus which now scares the squirils away from Mom's garden.
 while Dad worked on his can tap jewlery.
All in all an awesome day.

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