Sunday, September 01, 2013


 This is my last week of summer vacation... I had the whole week home with Mom, no big travel plans, no camp, just relaxing and having fun.  Based on a suggestion by Sophia and Harmony, we headed over to the lumberyard, which is a pretty awesome bike park.
 At first, I was a little nervous, that first big downhill is a doozie, but once I made it around the whole loop once, I was hooked.
 I ended up biking there for about 4.5 hrs.  Mom was beat just watching me.  I made a friend of a little guy who was more nervous than I was, so I spent a bit of time helping him around and up the hills.
 Tuesday, Mom and I went up to Mt Hood.  We stopped in Walchella falls for a hike and lunch at the falls.
 It was the perfect morning for a hike, the weather was perfect, the trails had a steady trickle of fellow hikers
 The falls were roaring and lovely.
 a perfect place for a picnic.

 and the creek had a lot of nice places to relax, look for bugs and move rocks around.
 After our hike we headed up to Rasmussen farms to pick tomoatoes and flowers.
 We got 23lbs pretty quickly (makes 11 quarts for future reference).  We also got a big bunch of flowers for Dad's birthday.

 They were so cool! The next day we spent the morning getting groceries to help celebrate Dad's 41st birthday and Mom and I headed to the pool for the afternoon.  So, now that I can swim in the deep end, I discovered the rope-swing at Mt. Scott!  Holy smokes it is cool, they let you either swing across and jump off or climb up as high as you can (or as high as you will!)  then jump off.  I spent a lot of time trying both.
 We picked Dad and Grace up and brought them home for a yummy steak dinner, I drew dad a cool dragon with 41 heads and Grace made him a crown.
 Mom made her best apple-cake yet with apples we picked up from the farm.
 For his birthday, he got a new grill.  His trusty ol charbroiler was actually falling apart after 4 years... so we sprung for a fancy new grill, which is sturdier, more compact and so exciting!
 We punctuated this summer with a fantastic camp-out to cape-lookout!  We have been sort of slacking on the camping this year, but thankfully we had this scheduled right at the end of the summer with our awesome camping buddies
and partners in fun Joaquin, Esme, Val and Ray.
 Friday and Sunday were pretty and full of sunshine, and the campsite was right on the beach, which is maybe the best place in the world to be.
We had plenty of time on the beach.  Homemade tacos for dinner

 some good nature shows with the visitor center and a whole lot of biking around the loop.

 We ventured out on Saturday and took a nice hike up towards the point (didn't quite make-it), it was wet, filled with mushrooms, snails and slugs to oogle at (and I think we looked at every-single-one).
 Grace had a rough start when she realized that we wouldn' t carry her the entire way, but she eventually bucked-up (and got a few moments of being carried)

 Joaquin and I are pretty certain we discovered a new mushroom species and sighted some grey-whales.
 Our hike was followed up with lunch at Pelican brewery, which is wonderful not so much for their beer (which the grown-ups do love), but because while we wait for food, the check, people to finish their beer or coffee, anything, we can step right outside and play on the beach.  It is perfect for keeping us and the adults simultaneously very happy.

 Though we had a bit more mist and grey on Saturday, we still really enjoyed the beach, and couldn't help getting soaked no matter the weather.  Val and Ray pulled together a great pesto dinner (one of our favorites!) with garden fresh green beans... yum!
 but of course, what we really are camping for is smores!!!  We glamed them up this year with peanutbutter cups or some lemon curd, both amazing additions to the beloved smores routine.
 Our second evening, we even got a relatively late night around the campfire.
 a fairly peaceful and lovely way to wrap up a great camping trip and summer vacation.

 Val, the professional reader caught us up on Hiccup's latest adventures while we warmed up in the morning before packing up and heading home.
Hey Grandma Terri.... Happy Birthday!!! Sending you love and joy and happiness this year!

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