Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party Time

This is a beautiful time of year!  We have had a good bout of sunshine and awesome halloween celebrations!
 We kicked the weekend off with our harvest festival at school, where both Grace and I (and Maddy) all braved the haunted house together!  It was awesome, though I was a little disappointed about the lack of brains this year... I was ready this time.  I love'd Mrs. D.'s Where's Waldo!  I have spent many hours looking for Waldo.
 I went as Hiccup from how to train your dragon (though I ended up wanting to be my own viking though... more along the lines of Owen the horrendeous haddock the fifth) and G. is rocking the awesome mermaid costume Grandma made her.
 Saturday, after a fairly quiet day, we went to the annual awesome halloween party at Alice and Henry's!

 We had a blast playing in the yard and seeing everyone's amazing costumes!

 This afternoon we had the gang over for pumpkin carving and mushroom dying.

 We all made some pretty wonderful pumpkins (I mean scary) and ended up with some sweet yellow yarn and fabric!

Some even came in swanky mermaid & pirate costumes!  
I finally also lost that tooth that has been dangling for a week and loose for months now (you can kinda still see the pulpy bit there... gross but cool)
 We are so excited for halloween this week, though really most of the fun has been embraced this weekend!  Happy halloween friends!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


The sun is out and it has been a beautiful indian summer sort of week!
 Our garden is getting cleaned up and put to bed for the winter
 and the leaves are all falling down!  We have a beautiful red and yellow carpet across our back-yard.
 After picking Owen up on Friday, we stayed and played on the playground for a while.  I am getting ever bolder and even tried a bit of flying!  Owen was great keeping it just fast enough for me.
 Plenty of fall leaves to roll around in.

 and a little effort to get our halloween decorations up!
 Mom actually went to Opal Creek for the weekend for a mushroom workshop and had a fantastic time.  Dad stayed with us, and mostly puttered around locally.  Owen really really wants to go see all the mushrooms next time!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

blue red yellow orange

The skies today are pretty glorious, bright blue again.  Shows up all the fall leaves nicely
 Grace and I have been trying hard to get enough for a jumping-in pile, I think maybe in a day or two we will be set!
 So, we finally got to visit with Pam at her floating house!  It was pretty awesome!  Grace and I had a blast on all of her spiral staircases and her dock.
 Pam even let me take her kayak out... all by my self!
 At first Dad let me out on the looong teather, but after I looked like I was under control  and was being a really good listener he let me go (much to Mom's surprise!).  I did great, I headed out to a little log, turned around and headed back totally under control.
 I was pretty excited! It was also just really nice to see Pam in her new place, she is doing well and it is super cute and what an awesome place to  live!
 Grace is in love with the mermaid costume she sweet talked Grandma Terri into making for her for Halloween... it is really wonderful!  We also got to spend the evening with our pals.  We made (another... ) fort in the living room with the really amazing building blocs that Uncle Ry got me for my birthday.
Val and Mom with the help of G. and Esme made Orchette for dinner while Dad cooked up some awesome sauces.  We worked off all that pasta with a game of twister before calling it a night.
 Saturday was pretty nice, but Sunday was pretty stunning.  Loads of sunshine and autumn leaves.
 We didn't execute anything much, but had a super nice afternoon walk all around the neighborhood with an extended stop at the park to enjoy the swings. One of the really sweet ladies at church Mrs. Vicki made Grace this really lovely pink dress that she insisted on wearing all afternoon.  Thank you!  She loves it!
 Sister gets a lot of home-sewn love, lucky girl.
 and the teeter totter.  We all really just enjoyed a nice walk, getting Scooter out and about, and playing!
 and of course an ice cream at cloud city.
 a sunshine-y day deserves an icecream right?

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The hood....

The sun came back out, thankfully for a little bit!  We had a really lovely weekend!
 I enjoyed some of the sunshine on Friday by painting cards.  I really love watercolors and am very careful.
 I was actually feeling pretty low on Friday after my flu shot took me out for much of the day, but suddenly in the afternoon, I went to the bathroom and was suddenly all better!

We also realized it is chestnut season!  We met our buds down at the corner tree and spent a good two days wacking down and collecting chestnuts!
 We even have a collection of horsechestnusts for conkers if anyone is game?
 Not only is it chestnut season, but it was also the Greek Fest!  They have just a ton of amazingly delicious food... fried honey drenched dough balls... baklavaka, the works!  There was also a really sweet dance performance.
 The spiders are awesome this year, loads of big ol' mamas building beautiful webs all over the yard!
 While we were spending some time outside, Dad and I decided we could try biking without training wheels.  Realized that I would need to take the pedals off too for a little bit to get the hang of the balance thing.
 We'll see how it goes!  Hopefully we have enough outside days to practice lots.  We did get a new game inside to play too.  Twister!  we love-it and hope that it will help both me and Owen get our rights and lefts straight.

AAAnd it's that time of year again... Pumpkins!  Owen was really testing the "if you can carry it" rule this year and picked out some big'uns. 

 We got a gorgeous day to explore Hood River and see the leaves just barely starting to turn.

 and got some nice pumpkins and some silly activities that come with a visit to Rasmussen over the autumn.
 On the way home we did make a new discovery, a beautiful waterfront park with a little beach, and loads of fun things for me and Owen to play on.

We had a pretty amazing afternoon and topped it off with dinner at the new brewery across the street from the awesome park, Pfriem ... so a winner afternoon for everyone!