Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Party Time

This is a beautiful time of year!  We have had a good bout of sunshine and awesome halloween celebrations!
 We kicked the weekend off with our harvest festival at school, where both Grace and I (and Maddy) all braved the haunted house together!  It was awesome, though I was a little disappointed about the lack of brains this year... I was ready this time.  I love'd Mrs. D.'s Where's Waldo!  I have spent many hours looking for Waldo.
 I went as Hiccup from how to train your dragon (though I ended up wanting to be my own viking though... more along the lines of Owen the horrendeous haddock the fifth) and G. is rocking the awesome mermaid costume Grandma made her.
 Saturday, after a fairly quiet day, we went to the annual awesome halloween party at Alice and Henry's!

 We had a blast playing in the yard and seeing everyone's amazing costumes!

 This afternoon we had the gang over for pumpkin carving and mushroom dying.

 We all made some pretty wonderful pumpkins (I mean scary) and ended up with some sweet yellow yarn and fabric!

Some even came in swanky mermaid & pirate costumes!  
I finally also lost that tooth that has been dangling for a week and loose for months now (you can kinda still see the pulpy bit there... gross but cool)
 We are so excited for halloween this week, though really most of the fun has been embraced this weekend!  Happy halloween friends!

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