Sunday, October 06, 2013

The hood....

The sun came back out, thankfully for a little bit!  We had a really lovely weekend!
 I enjoyed some of the sunshine on Friday by painting cards.  I really love watercolors and am very careful.
 I was actually feeling pretty low on Friday after my flu shot took me out for much of the day, but suddenly in the afternoon, I went to the bathroom and was suddenly all better!

We also realized it is chestnut season!  We met our buds down at the corner tree and spent a good two days wacking down and collecting chestnuts!
 We even have a collection of horsechestnusts for conkers if anyone is game?
 Not only is it chestnut season, but it was also the Greek Fest!  They have just a ton of amazingly delicious food... fried honey drenched dough balls... baklavaka, the works!  There was also a really sweet dance performance.
 The spiders are awesome this year, loads of big ol' mamas building beautiful webs all over the yard!
 While we were spending some time outside, Dad and I decided we could try biking without training wheels.  Realized that I would need to take the pedals off too for a little bit to get the hang of the balance thing.
 We'll see how it goes!  Hopefully we have enough outside days to practice lots.  We did get a new game inside to play too.  Twister!  we love-it and hope that it will help both me and Owen get our rights and lefts straight.

AAAnd it's that time of year again... Pumpkins!  Owen was really testing the "if you can carry it" rule this year and picked out some big'uns. 

 We got a gorgeous day to explore Hood River and see the leaves just barely starting to turn.

 and got some nice pumpkins and some silly activities that come with a visit to Rasmussen over the autumn.
 On the way home we did make a new discovery, a beautiful waterfront park with a little beach, and loads of fun things for me and Owen to play on.

We had a pretty amazing afternoon and topped it off with dinner at the new brewery across the street from the awesome park, Pfriem ... so a winner afternoon for everyone!

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