Sunday, November 24, 2013


 So, I've been back at chess club and by all reports doing quite well.  So, dad has taken this up with me and we are in total tournament mode this weekend.  Even Grace got in on the action.
 Though in truth, she mostly just likes to move pieces in the middle of our games.  I actually beat Dad at least once and have been shrinking my handicap.  I also had my teacher conference this week and got a pretty glowing review!  My math skills are (more newly) excellent and my reading is quite good as well.  I am embracing multiplication and am dabbling into division as well!  I can actually read about anything, but don't have the same level of confidence.

Grace got to go into PSU on Friday for a pizza lunch with Dad!  Man she loves hotlips days.  She also has been a singing sensation around home (and the park, in the car, and pre-K, and almost anywhere) and will burst out with Katy Perry's "Roar", she has nearly the whole thing down.  The only time she won't sing it is when it comes on the radio! 
 Hit the market again to stock-up for Thanksgiving.  There was an abundance of elm seed pods that I collected and displayed around the market.

We also got to play at the secret playground for a bit.  

It's turned as cold as anything, but the sunshine is out so can't complain too much.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Owen has been very excited about mushrooms lately.  Monday was Veteran's Day and Dad and Owen both had the day off so they drove out to the Tillamook State Forest to hike up to University falls and look for some mushrooms.  Most people look for edible mushrooms, but Owen was looking for cool looking mushrooms to collect and identify.

 These cute little things are called "bird's nest mushrooms".

Here's Owen showing off his mushroom haul next to a nice waterfall.  He is thrilled!.

Not all of Owen's mushroom hunting was done in a big forest.  He even managed to find some cool little mushrooms right in our back yard.

Owen didn't tell me what either of these are, but he found them both at our house.

Here's another nice photo Owen took of the mushrooms in the back yard.

So what is Owen doing with all these mushrooms and the photos he takes of them.  Well he's writing a book of course.   So far he has about 25 pages of mushrooms photos.

Our friends Ian, Christina and baby Elsa are moving to Maryland next week so we had them over for brunch on Friday to say good bye.  Vanessa, Liam, Robyn and Henry.joined us for a fond farewell and fun morning playing all together.   

I'm going to miss playing with Elsa.  I hope she likes it in Maryland.

On Saturday Owen went to a birthday party for his friend Noelani.   The birthday party was held at the Oak's Park Rollerskating Rink.

They had a great time rocking out on their skates!

What have I been up to this week? We'll I've spent a lot of time posing for photos for Mom and Dad's new camera.  Everytime I turn around one of them has the camera and is trying to take a photo of me.

Here I am doing serious...

 being cute and being super fast!

Mom and Dad also take photos of things like leaves and yep... mushrooms.

On Saturday night we went over to Esmé and Joaquin's house for dinner.

It was nice to have time to play with our friends and dinner was really good too..

Sunday, November 10, 2013


So, I have a nice long weekend.  We didn't make any huge plans, but kept these beautiful fall days full.

Friday, we spent a fair bit of time hunting for mushrooms around the local park.  
 and playing around.  I am completely obsessed with mushrooms these days, good thing Mom took that class to feed my obsession.  I actually sold back my halloween candy to the folks at 10c a pop and was willing to sacrifice enough for $3, which I figured could get us some pretty awesome chanterelles from the farmer's market.
This is my mushroom (and market band) dance of joy!
 and of course some two-tarts cookies that we wanted to protect from Mom.
 and some play-time at the secret playground.  This is more often than not what we give the camera if we are asked to smile!
 well, that or the scary faces.
 That night we went to a soup exchange at Leslie's house!  Dad made a huge vat of split-pea and we came home with a box of all sorts of delicious soups to feed us through the winter!
 Today was pretty awesome too, we started by dropping Dad off to help Ian pack for their move.  Dad's tetris powers are famous and they all did an amazing job packing everything up.  We got to hang at the park with Elsa, Christina, JJ and Laura.
 It was a pretty great park with some really fun climbing walls and slides, really something awesome for everyone!

 We left them just at lunch time so we could make it over to the Oregon Children's theater for a production of the Magic Treehouse!  Even better, it was the book I just read about Louis Armstrong and we got to enjoy all sorts of awesome jazz and craft projects in addition to one of our favorite stories.
 Tonight, we took those mushrooms we got from the market and made a pretty awesome pasta dinner.

 Since it was the money I got from my halloween candy, 
I took the roll as head chef and made the sauce, helped Daddy with the pasta and plated everything up.

 aaand of course ate it all up.