Sunday, November 03, 2013


Happy Halloween!  Grandma Terri came out for a few days this week and I was lucky enough to spend the most time with her!  
 and it was, of course, Halloween at last!
 We got our outfits on and headed out to join the gang
 and roam the neighborhood all together!  We had a blast and came home with loads of candy thanks to our generous neighbors.

Grandma took care of handing out the candy so Mom and Dad could both run around with everyone (trying to keep the crew together, getting us to move on from the houses who accidentally left their porch lights on).  We had a nice day with Grandma on Friday when Mom was home too, did a bit of shopping, I ended it with a huge tantrum as we were trying to get Grandma to the airport, but after an epically tough afternoon, I pulled it together for a weekend filled with best behavior.  
 This weekend was relatively mellow, we tried to spend a lot of time with our favorite baby (now toddler) Elsa and Ian and Christina before they move back East in a few weeks.  We will miss them!  But had a nice breakfast with wee conker tourney before sending them home for naps.
 Ian gave himself a proper welt and Owen may have won in the end, but I think in reality we'll call it a draw.
 Although Christina also played a few rounds, Elsa was less than impressed.
 The ol' camera is getting finicky so we are without pictures for the rest of the weekend, but we also had a lovely farewell party at Kit and Monica's house, Charlie and I had a blast together making cookies just for ourselves!  Today we played mostly at home, made stuff with sculpy, a few games of War and Uno and all in all a relaxing afternoon together.

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