Sunday, November 17, 2013


Owen has been very excited about mushrooms lately.  Monday was Veteran's Day and Dad and Owen both had the day off so they drove out to the Tillamook State Forest to hike up to University falls and look for some mushrooms.  Most people look for edible mushrooms, but Owen was looking for cool looking mushrooms to collect and identify.

 These cute little things are called "bird's nest mushrooms".

Here's Owen showing off his mushroom haul next to a nice waterfall.  He is thrilled!.

Not all of Owen's mushroom hunting was done in a big forest.  He even managed to find some cool little mushrooms right in our back yard.

Owen didn't tell me what either of these are, but he found them both at our house.

Here's another nice photo Owen took of the mushrooms in the back yard.

So what is Owen doing with all these mushrooms and the photos he takes of them.  Well he's writing a book of course.   So far he has about 25 pages of mushrooms photos.

Our friends Ian, Christina and baby Elsa are moving to Maryland next week so we had them over for brunch on Friday to say good bye.  Vanessa, Liam, Robyn and Henry.joined us for a fond farewell and fun morning playing all together.   

I'm going to miss playing with Elsa.  I hope she likes it in Maryland.

On Saturday Owen went to a birthday party for his friend Noelani.   The birthday party was held at the Oak's Park Rollerskating Rink.

They had a great time rocking out on their skates!

What have I been up to this week? We'll I've spent a lot of time posing for photos for Mom and Dad's new camera.  Everytime I turn around one of them has the camera and is trying to take a photo of me.

Here I am doing serious...

 being cute and being super fast!

Mom and Dad also take photos of things like leaves and yep... mushrooms.

On Saturday night we went over to Esmé and Joaquin's house for dinner.

It was nice to have time to play with our friends and dinner was really good too..

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