Sunday, November 24, 2013


 So, I've been back at chess club and by all reports doing quite well.  So, dad has taken this up with me and we are in total tournament mode this weekend.  Even Grace got in on the action.
 Though in truth, she mostly just likes to move pieces in the middle of our games.  I actually beat Dad at least once and have been shrinking my handicap.  I also had my teacher conference this week and got a pretty glowing review!  My math skills are (more newly) excellent and my reading is quite good as well.  I am embracing multiplication and am dabbling into division as well!  I can actually read about anything, but don't have the same level of confidence.

Grace got to go into PSU on Friday for a pizza lunch with Dad!  Man she loves hotlips days.  She also has been a singing sensation around home (and the park, in the car, and pre-K, and almost anywhere) and will burst out with Katy Perry's "Roar", she has nearly the whole thing down.  The only time she won't sing it is when it comes on the radio! 
 Hit the market again to stock-up for Thanksgiving.  There was an abundance of elm seed pods that I collected and displayed around the market.

We also got to play at the secret playground for a bit.  

It's turned as cold as anything, but the sunshine is out so can't complain too much.

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Matthew Bracken said...

Right on, Grace! Watching this video has been one of today's best family activities! From Cascade Matt Caden & Finley