Sunday, December 08, 2013

First Snow


It has been unseasonably cold here in Oregon this past week.  It even managed to snow on Friday morning, just enough for me to make a few snow balls before school. 

 Of course one of the best things about going out into the cold is coming back in to a warm house and a cup of hot cocoa.  While I went to school, Grace stayed home and enjoyed the snow before it melted.

While the snow was melting, Mom and Grace had a visit from Linda and baby Ellie.

On Saturday, Dad took Grace and me to the Son's of Norway Lodge for a Christmas party.  We had lots of traditional Norwegian cookies while Dad ate some white pudding/porridge called rommegrot,   

Santa Claus made a special trip to the Son's of Norway Christmas Party and Grace and I took the opportunity to let him know what we wanted for Christmas this year.

Grace and I checked out the trolls, vikings and other Norwegian cultural items in the display case.

We went from one Christmas party to another on Saturday.   After we got home, we met up with Mom and headed out to Mom's work Christmas party and Dr. Pan's house. There weren't many kids there so I convinced Mom to let me use the camera for awhile.

It seems that people at a party don't really mind a seven year old running around taking photos of them.

When we got to the party there weren't many people there yet, but after awhile it actually got quite busy.  I guess grad students like to be fashionably late to parties.

I even gave Grace a chance to take some photos.  Here is one she took of my shirt.

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