Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry pshew!

We are getting pretty excited for the holidays!  Things have been getting a little busy around here.  Mom and Dad have been sort of tag-teaming their way through the weekend, but with loads of fun for everyone!
 Even Grace, who mostly had to sort of tag along.

 We made sure things stayed fun enough for her too.
 So, I have been trying to get lots of rest because I am really busy as we finish up winter term!  Mom and I have been doing a running streak challenge... one mile a day (two sometimes on the weekends) between Thanksgiving and New-years... We are up to 20 miles and my major goal is to hit a marathon... I think we'll hit it before Christmas!
 On Friday, Mom and Dad traded off holiday fun times out... Mom went Christmas shopping and then Dad went out for a beer tasting/charades night.
 On Saturday morning I started with a practice chess tournament... four games (sat next to Max from church).  I played intermediate, won 2, lost 1 and tied 1!.  I even won against kids a lot older than me!
 From there, we grabbed lunch before heading out for my wushu test.  Master Shaowen got to observe all of our progress.  I totally rocked the broadsword and had it down!
 And hung in there for the endurance testing (horse-stance, v-ups, pushups)
 before being awarded my green belt!!!

 We scooted home afterwards to enjoy a nice dinner with our pals Joaquin, Esme and Val.  They came over for Dad's Moroccan feast, or maybe mostly to play all evening long.
Today was mellower, Mom managed to be running around most of the day, but we had a good time decorating the tree at church and folding won-tons.

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RETA said...

Such a wonderful family! You guys are really great with your running! Good job! I am sure you'll reach that marathon soon!
Thanks for sharing your family with us!