Sunday, December 01, 2013


 Oooh boy, it has been a week of fun!  Owen had the whole week off, so he got to spend two of those days with Joaquin.  First, they hung out with Ray for a super fun day together with a grand finale and super special trip to a blazer's game!  Owen loved it!  We heard all about it (after the super fun slumber party of course).  Mom, Dad and I got to go out to a special taco dinner with ice-cream out before Mom headed out with her friends to see Dr. Who.  A pretty cool evening for everyone turns out.
 The next day the guys got to hang out with Daddy at the lumberyard.
 a pretty awesome and favorite way to spend the day together!

 They totally had a blast!
 When Owen spent the day off with me and Dad we got to do some pre-thanksgiving shopping and an Otto's hotdog!
 We also prepped for some minor remodeling that we have planned for the big family visit.
 Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ry all arrived Wednesday evening.
 I got to help Grandma make the pumpkin pie.
 Scooter and Zoe had a good time together.
 Daddy rocked most of the rest of dinner!  He even rotesseried the turkey on his grill and it was fantastic!

While everything was cooking Mom and Uncle Ry took us to the park for some fun and to get some energy out.
 before setting down to the feast!
 Everything was fantastic... brussel sprouts with Chanterelles and myatakies,Celerac, masshed garlic potates, yummy cranberry relish, and a cornbread-chestnut-saussage stuffing.  Amazing!  
 We cozied up for a little post-meal star-wars viewing, Owen now has finally seen all three!
 Then we had to get moving again with some playing in our forts, Uncle Ry even managed to squeeze in!
 and twister!!!  Grandma is a bit of a cheater.  
The next day we put in some good time in the kitchen, raised up the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and installed a shelf underneath for our everyday stuff.  It looks really good, Thanks Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ry for helping us!
We finished up with a great dinner at Ox (including the bone-marrow clam-chowder Uncle Derek!)

 It was great and such a treat to have a nice evening out with everyone!
 Plus the food was great!
 Owen got to spend the night at the hotel with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ry... which meant that he ate a crazy amount of waffles, and we all got to go swimming at the pool!
 The fellas all went to the Samuari exhibit at the museum, but since Mom and Grandma saw it in Boston, they took me out for a little shopping (and we accidentally took the camera... sorry guys, but Owen loved it a ton and has told Mom all about all of the different symbols and crazy costumes he saw)
 There were a ton of games this past week, Owen's favorite was Bohnanza a fairly long game that we played a lot!

 After we had a fantastic weekend with everyone and sent them back home... we headed out this afternoon to kick-off the Christmas season!
 It was raining a bit, which speeded our selection, but it was nice to see the familiar tree people who have helped us in past years and enjoy some hot cider and candy canes.
 We got it home, Dad put the light on and the rest of us decorated!

 Merry merry everyone!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

Love the raised kitchen cabinets. They look great! Happy Thanksgiving!