Sunday, January 26, 2014


We all had Monday off so we took advantage of the sunshine and headed out to Manzanita to spend the day at the beach!
 It was gorgeous.
 I worked on sprinkling fairy dust in the creek.
 While Owen worked on his castle

 Dad and I also played at mermaids!

 All in all a great way to spend MLK day
 We had a pretty busy week, with intermittent pictures really.  Owen worked on a cool nanolego hornet from Kaylee and Clark.  
 Mom and I joined Liam, Henry and a few other friends for a great trip to the firehouse, where we got to hang out with a few firefighters and see all of the gear, their rooms, fire pole, truck and even got to see them get dressed out!  It was pretty awesome.  We followed it up with a lovely playdate with Henry.  I love our Fridays.  We finished it up with a visit to Owen's school for a Beats and Bites event, with dancing and food!  We even got to see baby Ellie and her bros.
 Saturday, I got to go to Ballet again, I am really really loving it.  We took off right afterwards to see Charoltte's Web at the Children's Theater courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Steves and Aunt Tami and Uncle Eddie.  It was really a wonderful and done so very nicely!
After the play we headed over to Esme and Joaquin's house for a fantastic pizza dinner and play-date!

 Today was a bit more quiet, Mom took Owen and I for a walk into town for a visit with the library and an ice-cream.  Dad put together a yummy Udon dinner.
 Afterwards, we decided it was time to trim Owen's hair a bit.  And hey, if we were going to be getting new clippers and all, may as well do a proper job of it.
 And we zipped it all off and now... the bravest man we know, Daddy, also go his hair cut as well.
 He is really really brave.

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