Sunday, January 05, 2014

Happy to you!

Happy 2014!  I'd say that I have had a fantastic year really, a decent year for everyone in the ol' family all around.  We rang (or popped) in 2014 with a bash at Val's house.  There was lots of popping,
games, and 
dress-up, friends, food and of course FUN!
A great way to say farewell to 2013 and celebrate with dear ones.
To punctuate our winter break, the new year AND my birthday, we headed to the coast to play and to do some glamping!
 We started off with a visit to Newport Aquarium!

 Lots of cool exhibits and fun stuff for kids to do.

 and Dads.

 After having a blast with all of the sea critters and running all around, we headed out to Yaquina head.
 It was a little windy there.
 but a beautiful sunny day to enjoy being outside.
 and check out the light-house and the awesome, and noisy cobble beach below.

 The tide was a little high for the awesome tidepools that are supposed to be under the water there, but it was great to enjoy the coast and cobble.  I told Val that next to stinky cheese, my favorite thing in the world were watching critters in the tidepools.

 We finally made it to Cape Lookout and checked into our super awesome cabins.  Now this is camping... fridge, bathroom with lovely shower, and heat!
 When the folks asked what I wanted to do for my birthday... I said go camping at the beach.  Luckily they had this planned months ago!
 I got my mint brownie cake, my best buds and a sweet little celebration on a cabin on the beach... pretty perfect-o!
 We spent the evening eating sweets, playing games and relaxing a bit.

 The morning was pretty lovely with perfect cinnamon rolls and breakfast in the frosty dawn.
 The folks gave me a real tracker's knife for my birthday and I got to practice my whittling while Dad started another spoon!
 Grace and Esme capitalized on the heated cabin to eat breakfast properly
 and play princesses in the bunks (Esme reported that Grace is "all about Princesses"... it's kinda true right now)
 Once we realized that the sunshine was warming the beach we spent much of the morning running about in the sand.

 then exploring the forest
 and playing trolls guarding the bridges (and demanding answers to riddles to anyone who was trying to "keep an eye" on us)

 All in all a really lovely get-away and a really amazing way to "camp".  We love Cape Lookout for it's beauty, proximity to the beach and cool ranger station that usually has all sorts of activities, but NOW we also love it for it's winter camping options.
 Once we checked out, we headed just down the road to Cape Meares.  It was a lot more calm though still no whales.
 maybe just a beast rising from the deep though.
 Thanks for a fun weekend guys!  We had a quieter day today, got down to playing with our Christmas toys, and getting ready for  yummy chili crab dinner with Dad's fishing buddy and his wife (Jeff and Amanda).  I channeled Uncle Ryan and made a lovely mountain of Crab that I then devoured.  I am so excited for my birthday tomorrow, and heading back to school!  Happy new year, I'm looking forward to my 8th year!  Be well friends and family, have a fantastic 2014!

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James said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Owen! Looks like you had an awesome camping trip to celebrate. Here's hoping that 8 is as great as 7!

James and Lilli