Sunday, January 12, 2014


We are officially back to our somewhat regular schedule... School was back for Owen and for Mom this week and life is resuming a familiar cadence.

Well, except now we have an 8-year old.  Yep Owen offically turned 8 this week.  Which roughly means that we have eaten a lot of pizza this week!  We made some at home for his birthday, then again this weekend, he got to go climbing with Joaquin and Dad (no pictures... but fun!) and then have a pizza/ice-cream celebration with his best pal from school Aiden and best pal Joaquin which was pretty great, plus it was just fun to get out with friends.

As an official 8-year old kid, Owen's favorite things include stinky cheese, mushrooms, dragons and tide-pools. He is also a super runner.  He and Mom have been running 1-2 miles almost every day since Thanksgiving.  They hit their marathon before winter break, they just passed 40 miles as the year turned over, and as of tonight are at 53 and 52 miles respectively and are so pleased! Somewhere around New Years he turned from sort of a "hare" runner (sprinting and collapsing on and off) to a nice steady runner when he wants to and a really fast jet pack mom can't keep up sort of runner when he is really enthusiastic. He is an awesome reader and is setting an example for me this weekend.  That may have been the biggest point of contention this evening... the folks had to laugh as they said several times... "no more reading guys", a library trip didn't help as we stocked up on all of our favorites.

I also started ballet class!  If you have talked with me much at all in the last month or so, I am sure you knew this was going to happen.  It was pretty great, everything I imagined (well, no tutus...yet... that was a bummer).  Once I warmed-up to the whole thing, I really loved it and took it quite seriously.

 My favorite was dancing around the circle with a bunch of flowers...

 Though I was pretty serious for a lot of class, I ended it with a huge grin as I curtseyed to my teacher on the way out.  I LOVE IT!

After a fun-filled Saturday, we had a quieter Sunday and had enough time to run to the winter market to pick up some mushrooms and meet some cute goats, check out books from the library and head home to help Dad with dinner.
 Look at me... I'm a cake!!!  The heating vent + my spinny dress are an awesome combo.
 We made great pink and green raviolli
 with the Oyster mushrooms that Owen picked out!

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Christina said...

Happy Birthday Owen! We hope you have a great year being eight - looks like you're off to an awesome start. Grace, we can't make it through Katy Perry's 'Roar' without thinking of you, and they play it a lot over here. :) Ballet looks like a lot of fun. Happy New Year gang! E, C, I and bump. xo