Sunday, January 19, 2014


Well, Mom didn't take enough pictures to do the week justice, but I had a pretty awesome week.  Mrs. D. had an awards day and I did stellar, Awesome job with the homework, great progress with IXL and problem of the month.  Aidan and I rocked it!  Anyhow, I am pretty excited, and am working really hard on my reading in hopes of chances at blazer's tickets (for the big readers).  And man do I have plans, I am also planning a fundraising scheme to replace the neighborhood backboard ... so if anyone wants to donate I am selling rubberband bracelets (bandaloom creations) and cookies (we'll bake 'em tomorrow!)
Grace and Liam had a great afternoon at the zoo!  The sun has really been out a lot for January, but we are enjoying it.
 We hadn't been there in ages, It is still fantastic watching the baby lilly the elephant, but also to see the new lion cubs playing in the sunlight was pretty amazing as well!!

 Today we celebrated Henry's 4th Birthday!  It was a perfect party!  Great friends, everyone playing nicely (and relatively calmly... amazingly enough)
  We had a great time and loved the playing outside
 and of course the amazing cake and cupcakes!
 Happy birthday buddy!

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