Sunday, February 02, 2014

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

 Chinese New Year has arrived!  Happy Year of the Horse everyone!  We wish you a prosperous new year.  We kicked ours off with a mushroom Harvest from my Shitake log that I got for Christmas this year.  We had quite a haul of really delicious shitakes that Dad braised for us with noodles!  We had a fairly quiet weekend.  Dad is recovering from a substantial cold that knocked him out for lots of the week.
 I am working on the talent show for the School event and totally have "Bear in there" by Shel Silverstein and rocked the first practice, Mom confirmed that I am easily the most audible person on stage, quite the presence.
 We did get out for a bit and headed out to play on Mt Tabor, where in addition to rocking the play-ground with Grace, I became known as the boy with the stick, that I carried all around and balanced precariously whenever I needed to run or climb.

 We did have a bit of rain this week, but got sunshine for most of the weekend and tried to spend at least a bit outside, even though it was chilly.
 After playing, Val and Ray invited us over for a yummy noodle dinner and a few hours of good hanging out time with friends.  Thanks guys!  We needed that!
Today was mellow, a little bit of time running errands, and mostly me and Grace playing forts and getting into the superbowl, though it is telling that I do not differentiate between "the hoop" and "the goal posts"  but it did make a pretty good Seahawks fan out of me, I was following the game pretty closely by the end. Mom and I are still running most days (we skip WuShu days) and made 75 miles (since Thanksgiving) this weekend, When we get to 100, we are treating ourselves with a big ol' cloud city banana split. Dad made an impressive dinner from the Pok Pok cookbook that we all enjoyed.

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