Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Mushrooms

Compared to most weeks, it's been kind of slow around here.  It could have been more exiting, but the Portland Public School ended up not having a teacher's strike.   If that had happened Owen would have had three extra days off this week and I'm sure plenty of new adventures to report.

Anyway, it's been so slow around here the biggest news we have is the second harvest of Owen's shitake mushroom log.

We didn't get quite as many as the first harvest, but that just meant they had more room to grow.  Don't they look pretty?

 Owen is a very proud fungus farmer.  We ended up eating them in a cream sauce over homemade tagliatelle pasta.  Yum! Hopefully we can get a couple more harvest out of this log before it's finished.

Today we did manage to have a play date with Esmé and Joaquin.  We played all afternoon at their house while Dad made beer with his friends at our house.

When we got home Mom and Owen went out and did their daily jog.  After their jog, they decided it would be nice to take Scooter for a walk.  I went with them and we ended up jogging too.  In the end, I jogged my first whole mile. Owen was super great in encouraging me and promised me a sticker and to draw me a picture if I made it a whole mile!  Once I decided it was really fun and that I could do-it, he also promised that if I made it to a marathon this year he would buy me an ice-cream sundae with his own money and draw me as many pictures as I wanted!  After spending most of the weekend needling each-other Mom was so pleased to see us encouraging each-other.

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