Sunday, February 09, 2014

Snow-pocolypse 2014

Snowpocolypse day 1 (thursday):  Schools out early.  It only happens once or twice every few years in Portland, but we got snow.  We got between 4-6 inches (depending if you are talking to the Californian or the NYer), which  is enough to shut down everything.

Owen's school let him out early on Thursday, school stayed closed on Friday and we just found out that school is closed again on Monday.  The University was closed early on Thursday as well.  The busses were so delayed and packed that they weren't even picking people up, so Mom chose to walk home!  We dug out the snow-clothes and dusted off the sleds.

Snowpocolypse day 2:  Everyone (I mean the whole city) hunkered down to play in the snow.  There was lots of sledding down our hills that are conveniently graded from slow to fast.   Pretty much the whole city gave up.  But not us, we're having fun in the snow while it is here.   We made our first attempt at a snow-man, but it was pretty dry snow, so it is more of a snow-ghost that turned into a sledding ramp in our back-yard.

With the roads empty we didn't have far to go to find a good sledding hill.  We just walked up the hill from our house and sled down the street.

Snowpocolypse day 3:  heading out for food:

The chickens are not fans of the cold and snow, they barely came out of their coop.
Ballet was cancelled, we cancelled our dim-sum and silk-screening plans.

We took a walk into town for some food and for a fun excursion.  We saw more people walking than cars on the road.

Owen pulled me most of the way to Laughing Planet and Dad pulled us both on the way back.

Snow ball fight!

Dad designed these awesome horses so even though we cancelled the dim sum and no one was able to came here to do some printing so we did it ourselves

Scooter and I spent a lot of time getting cozy near the warm air vents in between trips out in the snow.

 Owen and I worked on making a snow man a couple times over the weekend.  The first day the snow was too dry and didn't stick, but on Saturday it had warmed up just enough that we finally were able to build our snowman.

Dad helped put the parsnip nose and acorn eyes on.  The snow has been so fun!  We spent as much time as possible outside, sledding, walking, playing in the snow... such a treat!

Snopocolypse day 4:  Freezing rain. Church cancelled.   It has started to warm up a little bit, and rain ice down.  In an effort at being responsible neighbors, Dad shoveled our sidewalk just before the freezing rain started.  Now, we have the equivalent of an ice-rink in front of our house.  Luckily it started to defrost by mid-morning and we were able to shovel it off for safe passage.

It wasn't quite as fun to play outside, though beautiful to see everything with a thick layer of ice on it.  We turned our attention to more inside activities.

 like playing games.... Grace really loves the "higher or lower" number guessing game, however nobody is sure if she really get's it.... "32 (G:  Higher), 34 (G:  lower), a ha... 33! (long pause... G;  lower!))

and making cookies for Valentine's Day.
I hope everyone is staying warm and had as fantastic weekend with the weather as we had!

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