Sunday, February 16, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day!  
We sure do know how to celebrate!  We wrapped up Chinese New Year with some deferred celebrations with friends.  Mom and Linda got to go to the Chinese Garden for a night-time lion and dragon dance during their lantern festival.  
 Mom was impressed by the decorations and all of the lights on both the Lion and
 on the dragon!  The performers were great, and the garden was all decked out with glowing lanterns and floating, glowing lilies.

 It was a lovely evening.

 Happy Year of the Horse!
 Grace got a new dress for Valentine's day and we both rocked some awesome new goggles.
 Can't wait for Hawaii!

I brought home my giant box of Valentines and extra super Giant love-bug... the biggest in my class.  It's a worm, which explains its lack of legs.  Mrs. D. did spend a lot of time packing up her class preparing for the potential teacher strike next week.  We hope hope hope they get their agreement sorted soon.  We had a really nice dinner made by Daddy of Scallops and celerac, some of Mom's favorites, Grace and I were a little less enthusiastic, but ate ours as well.

 I read a lot to Grace after picking up a new batch of books from the library.  We don't often have the patience to read with each-other, but did great on Valentine's day!
We tried HK cafe for a new place to enjoy Dim Sum... verdict... Winner. 
 Food was great, there was not wait (like our other go-to place Wong's King which we also love). 
 It was good to try a few new varieties of things, and the waitstaff was super nice.   
 Mom was pretty stoked to get to hold Baby Ellie for a bit of it and we loved entertaining her.

after dim-sum, Grace got to go back to ballet after a break for the snow, and was so happy to get back to-it.  For their recital in the spring, her class will be swan princesses, and she has to practice our happy flying and sad swan poses.  

After ballet, we were lucky to have our friends over and silk-screen some more year-of the horse shirts! 
 Alice and Henry did a great job!
 We had a lovely afternoon, in spite of a few issues sharing Grace was having, maybe three major activities in a day is pushing the limits a bit.
Today was much quieter, mostly hung out at home after Church.  
 We did finish up with some yummy Pizzas!  We love making our own Pizza, My favorite was pesto with mushrooms, and Grace just likes pesto and cheese.  The folks seemed pretty pleased with their fig, caramelized onions and goat-cheese topped with fresh argula.  Yum.

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