Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maui adventures!

We started this week with an awesome stand-up paddle board lesson for the whole family (even Grace)!
We went with Maui Wave Riders, and had a super nice instructor Chyna who was great for all ages!
I did really well, given my age/size.  Grace also had a blast catching waves with daddy.  
Followed by our first Shave-ice of the visit.  
Of course, the afternoon was spent at the pool 
until everyone practically fell over asleep. 
Tuesday was Grandpa Tom's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! 
 We hit the water again, this time with the Keihe canoe club that took the adults (minus Grandma) out for an hour  paddle.
  They worked hard, but had a pretty nice time.  It was a beautiful morning and a lovely crew.  

Grace, Grandma and I got to play on the beach and I befrinded an awesome dog named Talulah who "is the best trained dog in the world" and played fetch with me for most of the morning.

We all met up again and ended up at Keihe cafe for a great breakfast with pancakes for me and Grace that were generous to say the least.

After a restful afternoon and a(nother) quick dip in the pools, we got cleaned up enjoyed a massive rainbow over the island,  and headed out to Star Noodle for a big birthday dinner.

Star Noodle was pretty yum.  We shared a ton of plates, Grace ate a giant bowl of udon and shrimp with plain broth (that the restaurant kindly provided to her specific order) and we left quite happy and full.
Back at the apartment Grace and I helped decorate Grandpa's cake

and we finished up the evening with a yummy dessert and a game of Shanghi rummy.  Grace spent her evening drawing portraits of everyone... 
pretty good!  
Wednesday we went back to the nice beach that we started our adventure with.  I had a blast snorkling and Grace even tried a little swimming.  

It was a gorgeous morning.  Now I know starting your days on vacation at times like 5-6-8am sounds a little crazy, but it really worked out nicely for us... we got to make sure we had at least two fun / relaxing parts to our day, and the weather is much more calm to be out on the water in the mornings, so we could play in the pool in the afternoon after the wind picked up.  

We had a very nice beach side lunch at the Hyatt that also has a lot of birds, yep even penguins, in their courtyard.
Then back to the pool!

and sweet delicious pineapples!

Thursday, we let Grandma and Grandpa sleep in and went on an awesome whale watching trip with Pacific Whalewatch.  It was awesome because we got to see sunrise... 

In truth we saw several whales, but most were pretty far off.  However, one young male (they guess 1-2 years old) hung around the boat for almost an hour!
It was so amazing to see him sort of rolling around, keeping an eye on us

Showing off perhaps a bit.

and cruising just below the surface showing off his beautiful marks

It was a pretty amazing trip, it's not everyday you get to interact with a humpback whale!

Grace got a little seasick and eventually went to sleep.  On the way back to shore, I got to learn a lot about whales from the naturalist on board.
After we landed, we headed back (under a massively glorious banyan tree) to grab Grandma and Grandpa.
We had a quieter morning, and enjoyed some more shave ice from Ululani's back in Keihe before jumping back into the pool for the afternoon.

Although Mom and I are getting pretty brown, Grace has weathered all the sun pretty well protected... though she is getting some freckles peeking out.
 On our last day we spent the whole day at the resort, they have a narrower beach out front, but there was an awesome craft fair and really great snrokling right off shore.  We even got Grandma Terri snorkling.
 Grandma is awesome... she can go from snorkling to dinner out with style!

 Actually, Mom was pretty happy to have her our snorkeling, not just because she is fun to be with, but also because she spotted the biggest turtle!  While Mom sat with the resting turtle Grandma motored back to shore to get me, Dad and Uncle Ry to go see.

 We got there just as it decided to go swimming about and we got to follow it for a little bit.
 It was a pretty magical swim!
 with a beautiful turtle.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a really wonderful vacation!  I think everyone was blissfully relaxed and full of fun and adventure for the whole week.  

We got back to grey, rainy portland after a red-eye Friday night and spent most of Saturday recouperating in the hammock, or on the couch... it was a very low-key day.  

Sunday though, we got to celebrate Joaquin's birthday... Harry Potter style!
It was all pretty awesome, but the game of Quiddich was exceptionally fantastic.  It sounded quite complicated at first.
but we all got the hang of things quickly

Happy birthday Joaquin!!!!