Sunday, March 02, 2014


Steady on folks... SO, as previously mentioned, Mom and I started running together on Thanksgiving and have managed to run at least one mile a day since then... at any rate... we reached 100 miles this weekend!  To celebrate we had a banana split party with our friends tonight!  
 It was a nice week, Dr. Seuss's birthday was celebrated on Friday which means great books all week and crazy hair day at school so I insisted that Dad shave it all off... at 6:30 in the morning.  Grace is good with the bald look!  Mom... is more on the fence.  G.  Got some sweet dance tips from Dad this week.

  I got a few awesome play-dates this weekend, which was sweet because Mom isn't typically quite so organized.  But I got a great and wild afternoon with my friend Kael,
 and G got to play with his sister, so everyone was quite happy.
 Grace and I woke up fairly early today and I was in a super helpful mood and got not only her breakfast together, but also Mom's and my own.  Mom was pretty impressed, her granola just like she liked it (with blueberries, almond milk and yogurt with fresh cuppa coffee!  Tonight Joaquin, Esme and Val came over for a play-date, dinner and 100th mile celebration.
 Well, after I made Mom do her last mile (we did 2).
 We had a great Udon dinner by Daddy before heading out to Cloud City for our splits.
 It was my first banana split if you can believe it.
 Mom shared hers with Joaquin and the girls got their own scoops.  The three of us (plus some help from everyone) couldn't quite finish, though we were close.
 The running has been great.  When we started, Mom had to constantly encourage me along and there was more walking and breaks.  NOW however I can totally beat Mom in terms of speed and maybe endurance... at least endurance at top speed.  I am always trying to race her and for a while she was game, but now she is loosing too many quarters.  We also have Grace in on-it, though she is more of a fair weather jogger, and only has two miles in, but she is totally game for more!
Thanks for helping us celebrate friends!

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