Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Day 1

Happy Spring everyone!
Welcome spring!  We got to kick it off with our good buddies and a fantastic springy meal in Portland to celebrate "flower season" and hope for "butterfly season" before heading out for a big fantastic vacation!
It was a very long and late flight.  Owen and I pretty much stayed up the entire time... which translates to about 2am.  I was awake the entire flight, and just as we saw the lights on Maui on our descent, I declared "I am tired" and promptly fell over into Mom's lap into a dead sleep. 
 BUT a night of rest was pretty awesome and fueled us for an amazing day with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Ry who all met us in beautiful sunny Maui!
 We played all morning in Kapalua bay, which was perfect!  Sandy and calm for me and beautiful snorkeling for Owen, Uncle Ry, Dad and Mom, and a beautiful beach for Grandma and Grandpa.
 Owen was awesome at snorkeling.
 We saw all sorts of wonderful creatures
 including a slipper lobster
 a turtle
 all sorts of amazing fishes, corals, urchins and even an octopus!
 For lunch, after a big morning at the beach,

 we headed over to Leodas for a really amazingly yummy lunch. 
I eventually woke up and enjoyed everything (the promise of pie may have helped).  

Uncle Ry and the Grandfolks already had lunch there the day before, but we are all so glad that they were good with going again.

Mom was particularly excited by their fried (brussel spout with burnt orange vinaigrette) salad and PIES, but I think everyone cleaned their plates, and thought the whole thing was pretty great.

 We headed back to the condo to spend the afternoon in their super great pools.

 We're talking waterslide kind of great.  woo hoo!!
I am totally remembering my swimming lessons from last summer, and did really well 
 some may even say I was bold

 Mommy and I took a sunset walk and we ended a day filled with swimming and sunshine with a great dinner by Uncle Ry and a game of Quiddler for most everyone.

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James said...

Enjoy your wonderful vacation!
Love, James and Lilli