Monday, March 17, 2014


The flowers are out and we are having more and more sunny days and some warmer weather.  
This Saturday we spent as much time outside as possible (and take care of the neighborhood's dandelions).  G had an extra special dance class.  They got their costumes in for the recital in a few months and they got to try them on.  
 The young swan princesses were so excited.

 and looked so beautiful

 I gotta say, the parents watching were pretty excited too!

 We took a lovely afternoon walk to enjoy the flowers popping out all over.
 Grace's favorite are all of the pink trees!
 Dad got her a special ice-cream for staying in her bed all night for the past week.  She is doing pretty amazing job.  Next we'll work on how long she can go without a fit!
 Luckily, the rest of us got a scoop too.
 Dad got TWO corned beefs this week, he is pretty darned excited for a week of hash.  He did a really amazing first hash with a yummy poached egg that the chickens have started laying again.

Happy St. Pats day folks.  You know what we didn't do last week, we didn't welcome our amazing new cousin Kye Gerald into the world and to our family.  He was born to Erin and Mike and we are so excited and can't wait to meet him.

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