Sunday, March 09, 2014


This week started a little rough, with a call from school sending me home for being sick.  
The good news is that by the next day I was feeling just fine and got to stay home and play with Daddy all day.  It was also Shrove Tuesday so we celebrated with pancakes for diner.    

 Quite a fun feast for dinner time!

We scored on a goodwill visit with a giant gallon bag packed with perler beads that have been keeping us very busy all weekend.  We had a fantastic friday!  I had a fun friday.  Loads of fun with some dress-up followed by play-date with Henry.  We had a blast with the pirate ship, playing war and eventually painting.

 In the evening we got to see Owen perform in his school's talent show.  He had to follow a black sabbath act, but he totally pulled it off.  He recited Bear in There by Shel Silverstein.  

 Saturday, we took a break from ballet and working with our vats of beads

 to see Zombie in Love.  Although I was initially a little skeptical about the zombies, turns out it was a sweet love story with some fun zombie songs and dances.

 We stopped for some frozen yogurt after the play, I thought frozen gummies weren't exactly as  good as I had hoped they would be, but Dad had fun, I mean how great are the hats there?
 Much of the rest of the weekend was spent in a bead-y haze.  Owen has perfected the perler minions and I love them all.

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