Sunday, April 27, 2014


Sun - rain - grey - sun - rain - grey....  it must be spring in Portland.  
 We celebrated Esme's birthday... happy birthday sweet friend!  It was a great super-hero party.
 We were a little weak on the pictures (this whole weekend) but we had a great day with them!  G. headed off to Ballet and Mom and I ran home.  The rest of the afternoon was not too exciting, except Grace and I spent much of it outside (In the sun - rain - sun - rain) holed up under a fort of Dad's kayaks and umbrellas.  When the sun was out, we busted out the bubbles for the first time this year.  Kept us busy for much of the day.

 We also finally got a new drill so we could punch holes in our log and inoculate it with some chicken of the woods mushroom plugs.  Can't wait to see how they turn out!
Otherwise, a quiet afternoon here.  Dad had a long meeting so we made a fun hanging terrarium and I worked on my neighborhood project.


ryan said...

Owen + Power Tools makes me want to jump on Amazon for "Youth Eye Protection" imediatly

Amy said...

Good point ry! On-it!