Sunday, April 06, 2014

Flower Season

I really love flower season.  That's what I call spring when all the flowers start popping out of the ground and up in the trees.  Right now our tulips are finally up and our daffodils are still in bloom.

I like to ride my bike up and down the sidewalk in our neighborhood and check out everyone else's flowers.

Sometimes when you look at flowers really closely you see cool bugs like this crab spider on this daffodil.   .

On Sunday afternoon Dad took us to Mt. Scott Park to play on the playground.  We really haven't ever played at this park so it was fun to check out the different playground structures.

I really like this tire swing especially when Dad pushes it high and spins if fast.

Some of the playground features require a bit of strength.  Luckily everyone says I'm strong for my age.

Owen found a couple odd cup shaped seats which didn't look to interesting at first.  But then he figured out how to spin himself in them.   Once he got going I wasn't sure if he'd ever stop.

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