Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

It has been a lovely, chill week.  Dad is kindly learning the frozen soundtrack so I can sing with him.
 It has been on and off rainy, so we have been enjoying outside as much as possible when the sun ins shining! The hammock has gotten a lot of play time.
Everything is Pink!
Art show at school, complete with face painting and activities and friends friends friends!

Saturday:  Egg dying with our friends!

As well as some confetti egg cracking.

Easter morning treats
and an egg hunt before spending the morning at Church and the easter brunch complete with big piles of mickey mouse pancakes!  After Church, we headed over to the Japanese Garden to enjoy a little bit of spring, and some impressive Koi.

More Cascarones!  We have learned to pre-crunch them a little bit to avoid head injuries (sorry Val!)

bugs are all out!

(we had a bit of a power-cord failure last night, sorry for the delay and terse blog post but Happy Easter!)

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