Sunday, April 13, 2014


 This Thursday was the run for the arts, and I reported that I ran my heart out!  Alas, my teacher got the times mixed up and we were 10ish minutes late to start, but I did get a solid 2 miles in during whatever time we had out there, so thank you who sponsored me!  Friday I had the day off so Grace, Mom and I went to the zoo to enjoy the sunshine, see all of their renovations and visit with the animals.
 and jump all around
 I think the zoo needs some kangaroos
 It was a beautiful day and we got a lot of close-ups with the animals.  I packed us all a yummy lunch all myself so we had enough energy to really stick it out almost all day.
 and did great!

 When we finally took off, we were peckish again so headed to Blue Star for some gourmet doughnuts.
 Grace opted for a basic cinnamon sugar doughnut
 But I wen whole hog with a valharona topped cream filled delight.
 Saturday we kicked off the easter season with an egg hunt at church!  Grace and I did quite well, even though Grace was sort of timid in face of all the competition.
 We had a nice version of the meaning of easter afterwards
 before heading back home to have an afternoon in the sunshine.  G. had ballet class, I got busy building fairy houses.  It is hard to just keep these nice spring days to oursleves so Dad made some awesome pork belly and even made his own baos and pickles, and we invited Alice, Henry and their folks over for dinner and play.
 Dinner was kidna fantastic, thanks Dad!  Mom and Dad both ate way too much (maybe the double desserts did them in, that's what you get when you have both Mom and Robyn cooking!).

 Luckily there was plenty of running around to burn through all the energy!
 They even helped us build a fort before calling it a night.
 It got plenty of use the next morning when we got up, we took on Optimus prime and and the castle knights.
Today was sun filled as well, but not with as many plans.

 It was a great afternoon.  Dad and I took a nice walk out to Reed Canyon and played chess under the bridge there.  Grace wasn't ready for a walk so she hung out at home with Mom (until she was, then took Scooter out anyhow).  There was still some beautiful afternoon left, and we didn't find hanging out just enjoying the sunshine quite as rewarding as Mom and Dad do, so after asking again what we could do... Mom suggested (from the hammock) that we scrub the scuzz off the shed, a task we (weirdly) gleefully fell to.

 We did a decent job, once we took our shirts off (they were getting a little wet and scuzzy)

 We met T and his folks and walked over to the carts on Belmont for dinner.
 It was a perfect day for a nice walk and eating outside.  So glad we got to see everyone this weekend, for some it had been too long.

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