Sunday, May 25, 2014


The garden is perking up, and we got our first big harvest of radishes.  I love radishes so was particularly excited to get these beauties out of the ground.  The peas are coming in too! Grace's favorite.
 Mom and Dad had a pretty exciting week.  There was a conference in town that brought a bunch of friends together who had not seen each-other for a long time!  Randall came out who we miss so much! Also a bunch of friends that pre-date me and Owen (more or less).

 We had a great cookout with Angelos, Cecelia, Gillian, Dianne, Cathy and Randall!

Scooter was pretty happy to see Randall again, though we suspect Angelos spritzed some gravy on himself before heading over given the amount of attention that Scooter gave him.  
 It was so great that we could get this many Old-fielders together again!
 Mom and Grace got an extra play-date in with Cecelia, so they headed out to the Chinese Garden.  It was a pretty, if not drizzly day.  We did get our fortunes told, Grace has some exciting business prospects ahead of her it seems.
 After a nice wandering morning, they headed over for lunch at Broder, which in-spite of the long wait was a perfect lunch (breakfast for lunch really.)  Grace was pretty excited about these round pancakes.
 That evening, we got a movie night and Mom and Randall had a nice Girls night out for dinner and tea.
 After we said farewell to our friends, I was feeling pretty beat.  In fact I slept about all day on Saturday.  Mom suspects I was sick with the cold she was fighting the past week, I stuck by my "I just didn't get enough sleep last night" story.  The downside was that the folks didn't think it was a good idea for me to go to the Fancy Nancy show, so we called up our buddies Henry and Robyn who joined us instead.

this may have been Grace's favorite of all the shows we saw this year... Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Steves and Auntie Tami and Uncle Eddie for a great series of shows this year!
 After the show, we even got to go grab a fancy Nancy cupcake from cupcake jones.
 and though we missed Owen and Dad, Henry was a pretty perfect date.
 Today I pulled together a plate of radishes from our yard, plus some fresh picked salad and peas for an appetizer for lunch.  I harvested and assembled everything!  It was a really nice way to start lunch.
 After lunch we headed over to Kruger Farm to kick off berry season!  Strawberries were out, and though there are a lot left to ripen up, we had a beautiful afternoon outside.

 The folks were enjoying the afternoon so much we hung out for corn on the cob (literally dipped in a crock of butter) which we devoured, while Mom and Dad had a nice beer.
 It was a beautiful, quiet day.
Uncle Ry's dog Remy passed away this week, he was a very sweet and mellow buddy who was always wonderful with us and very patient with Scooter who was always pretty fond of him... We will miss him.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Swan Princesses

Here's a short video from Grace's dress rehearsal right before her performance on Saturday.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Swan Princess

I had my first ballet recital this weekend and it was magnificent!  The extra special performance was highlighted by a wonderful weekend visit from Grandma Terri and Auntie Gigi.
 We started off with a nice tasty tour of Portland.  We did plenty of eating!  I did great at Tasty and Alder since they had my favorites ready to go.  Mostly on Friday we shopped until we practically dropped.  We had a lovely day all together!
 On a final tour around downtown and heading back to the car, I somehow even managed to get a piggy back ride from Auntie.
 When we got back to the house to relax a little, Grandma read me all of the great books she brought me.  My favorite is the book about the swan princess.  It was the perfect preparation for my recital.
 I also modeled some of the new clothes that we got on our shopping spree, and awesome baubles from Auntie!
 Grandma got to see her peony that she bought last year nearly in bloom!  It looks great for its first year, I can't wait to see how it grows.
 The weather was still pretty awesome on Friday and much of Saturday though it was starting to sprinkle.  The good news is that we did get at least one afternoon on the deck enjoying the weather.
 Saturday was the big day... my performance!  We had a rehearsal and the performance on the same day and it was amazing!

 Mom signed up to be a backstage volunteer so in addition to getting us into our costumes and wrangling in general, she got to take all sorts of adorable pictures of all of the swan princesses

 Our helper Miss Meghan was the perfect helper for us.
 and Teacher Michelle handed out hearts to remind us how much we loved ballet!

 Lining up ... ready to head out onto stage!

 Though pictures were discouraged during the performance, we did get a few when we went out for our bows, and Mom was able to take a video during the dress rehearsal earlier in the morning
 It was quite exciting!
 We all got flowers from our teacher, and Grandma and Auntie also brought me roses for my first fantastic performance!

Everybody was grinning ear to ear with full hearts watching the little ballerinas for their first time onstage, they were so beautiful and very professional.

 After a noodle lunch we relaxed for a little bit at home before heading out for a gals afternoon at the Japanese garden.
 It was a lovely day out, I got to see the fish and I think Grandma and Auntie appreciated the rest of the greenery!
 To cap off our big day, we had hors d'oeuvres at Whisky Soda Lounge and dinner at PokPok.  Owen and I were pretty much thrilled by the sticky rice and spare-ribs, but the adults had a great time trying a more diverse menu.

 And for dessert... how about these beauties.  Oh my we did eat a lot.
 Sunday was quieter, we picked up Grandma and Auntie a little later in the morning, shopped a bit, headed over to Barista for a great cuppa.  Auntie had her first barista pulled latte, complete with some fancy latte art.

 It was such a fun girls weekend out here in Portland, the fellas has their fun this weekend as well, and ate quite well too.  Thank you Grandma Terri and Auntie Gigi for coming out and taking us out eating and shopping all over town and being my crew support for my ballet performance, We had such a great time with you!